Inside the 2017 Southern Living Idea House in Bald Head Island, NC.

2017 Coastal Living Idea House - Bald Head Island, NC
2017 Southern Living Idea House – Bald Head Island, NC

Earlier this summer, Wellborn Cabinet was thrilled to attend the open house of the 2017 Southern Living Idea House located on the beautiful Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Wellborn Cabinet, along with many other incredible companies were honored to have played a role in sponsoring this stunning design. The home was made possible by so many incredibly talented individuals, including builder Jeff Sanderson of Whitney Blair Custom Homes; residential designer Eric Moser of Moser Design Group; and interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper. Perfectly situated on the car-free, accessible-only-by-boat barrier island located about 35 miles south of Wilmington, North Carolina, and 70 miles north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Bald Head Island is a magical little island that proves to be an oasis from the modern-day world full of technology and constant communication. Needless to say, Bald Head Island is a real retreat.
Although the home opened to the public in June of this summer, Wellborn Cabinet had the privilege to host many of their incredible customers to the island for an up close and personal tour of the home last week.

2017 Southern Living Idea House Wellborn Cabinet customer tour
2017 Southern Living Idea House Wellborn Cabinet customer tour

As many Wellborn Cabinet customers traveled from afar, it was wonderful to see the stress level begin to dwindle among all who attended as we began inching closer to the island. The 20+ min ferry ride is a great way to diminish any thoughts and provoke a more care-free mentality.

Once arriving to the island, the Wellborn customers were driven (by golf carts, of course) to the home which is quietly tucked away between the trees. Once arriving at the home, each customer was given ample time to roam and explore this incredibly stunning design.

Through this post, I would like to (try) and provide you, the reader, with a digital tour of the home and of course, highlight some of the beautiful features.
When first entering the home, the open floor plan of the living room, dining room and kitchen has the eye wondering and bouncing from object to object. The color palette pulled throughout the home is soft yet accompanied by big, bold colors. The massive kitchen feels inviting and relaxed. Here, cabinets by Wellborn Cabinet feel the space. The perimeter cabinets feature Winslow Maple finished in Wellborn’s Divinity paint. The 4 by 8-foot island features Winslow Maple painted in a custom color available through Wellborn’s ColorInspire program (Sherwin Williams 7521 color). Above the island, a large opening in the ceiling helps open-up the room while providing a terrific vantage point from those passing by above.

Living Room - 2017 Southern Living Idea House
Living Room – 2017 Southern Living Idea House
Kitchen featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Kitchen featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

The Butlers Panty provides a vibrant pop of color by means of Wellborn Cabinetry featured in Winslow Maple painted with Vogue Green (ColorInspire Sherwin Williams 0065). The tortoiseshell-style tile completes this one-of-a kind room!

Butlers Pantry featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Butlers Pantry featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

The first room off the kitchen is the master bedroom. Large in design, this master suite is accompanied by a massively stunning walk-in shower. This room features his and her vanities, both of which are Wellborn Cabinet (Henlow Square Maple finished in Welborn’s Porcelain Pewter Paint with a Glaze).

Master Bath featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Master Bath featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

The multiple bedrooms upstairs continue the incredible design style of Harper. The “twin” bedroom features twin beds with the walls covered in ship-lap material. This room has many orange accents which continue into the bathroom. The simple vanity stands underneath a very vibrant green mirror, which uniquely enough matches the green painted floor.

Upstairs Twin Bedroom
Upstairs Twin Bedroom
Henlow Square Maple cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Henlow Square Maple cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

After returning from the upstairs bedrooms and outdoor living spaces, it is time to enter the most talked about room in the home, the “monkey” room, AKA “The Crofter Room”. “Crofter” is a peculiar term that describes the golf cart garages on Bald Head Island homes, which in fact turns out to be a great place for a guest suite. This room is covered in the most unique wallpaper in the entire home, quite possibly the entire island. The monkeys on the wallpaper seem to be climbing to chase the banana on the vintage banana chandelier hanging in the center of the room. Oddly enough, the green in the wallpaper paired with the rich blue cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet truly makes for a unique design. The cabinetry is part of the ColorInspire program through Wellborn and features Napa Maple painted in Turkish Tile Painted Finish (Sherwin Williams 7610).

Crofter Room Cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Crofter Room Cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

The Crofter bath is situated just off the monkey room and is in fact opposite of its counterpart. This bath features a white vanity, white walls and white flooring. This all white vanity is fitted in Cortland Maple finished in Welborn’s Porcelain Paint.

Crofter Room Bath with cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Crofter Room Bath with cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

After leaving the uniquely decorated and designed Crofter room, the Wellborn tour group had in fact completed the grand tour of the home. With a little time to spare before catching the afternoon ferry ride back to the main land, the Wellborn group took the scenic route and along the way stopped to enjoy the ocean breeze as well as a quick stop to see a piece of American history. Located on the north-west portion of the island, the Old Baldy Lighthouse and museum is the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina. It has maintained its original form and location for over 187 years! Here, we learned a little about the history of Old Baldy while taking in the breathtaking views the island has to offer.

Old Baldy Lighthouse - Oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina
Old Baldy Lighthouse –
Oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina
Wellborn Cabinet staff and customers enjoying the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet staff and customers enjoying the ferry ride to the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet customers enjoying the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet customers enjoying the ferry ride to the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet customers enjoying the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet customers enjoying the ferry ride to the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet customers enjoying the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet customers enjoying the ferry ride to the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet Staff in attendance at the 2017 Southern Living Idea House
Wellborn Cabinet Staff in attendance at the 2017 Southern Living Idea House
Wellborn Cabinet customer with Angela Wellborn O'Neill and John Wellborn
Wellborn Cabinet customer with Angela Wellborn O’Neill and John Wellborn


Wellborn Cabinet staff enjoying the beautiful Bald Head Island
Wellborn Cabinet staff enjoying the beautiful Bald Head Island

Needless to say, the Wellborn Cabinet 2017 Coastal Living Idea Home tour was inspiring, entertaining and relaxing! Wellborn Cabinet would like to give a special thanks to all who attended and participated in the wonderful trip to Bald Head. We hope the 2017 Coastal Living Home far exceeded all of your expectations, as it did ours!

Additional photos of the home and tour featured below:

2017 Southern Living Idea House Upstairs Bedroom
2017 Southern Living Idea House Upstairs Bedroom
2017 Southern Living Idea House Upstairs Laundry Room - featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc, - Bishop MDF with a Classic Drawer Front, in a ColorInspire, Dormer Brown Painted finish, SW 7521
2017 Southern Living Idea House Upstairs Laundry Room – featuring Wellborn Cabinet, Inc, –
Bishop MDF with a Classic Drawer Front, in a ColorInspire, Dormer Brown Painted finish, SW 7521
2017 Southern Living Idea House Master Bedroom
2017 Southern Living Idea House Master Bedroom
2017 Southern Living Idea House Upstairs Porch Seating
2017 Southern Living Idea House Upstairs Porch Seating

For more information on Wellborn Cabinetry featured in the 2017 Southern Living Idea House, visit

For more information on the 2017 Southern Living Idea House, visit



Neutrals to Power Up Home Decorations

Ask any expert interior designer and they will tell you that color is powerful enough to change the entire look and feel of any space. Thus, deciding your home’s color palette can be an overwhelming chore. However, with good planning, you can find the colors that can perfectly display your concept and style.
Trends in color change with time. For instance, 2017 is marked with economic downturns, intercontinental and international conflicts and wars, the housing crisis, and more. These events have shaped the taste in color and design of people. Homeowners are searching for the hope which is reflected by their choice of bright hues like acid yellow and crimson. However, they also crave for security and comfort which is shown with blends of neutral colors.
Although space completely filled with neutrals can appear boring, the right amount of it can permeate posh and sophisticated charm. As the founder of Color Turners, Dennis Turner, says, neutrals flourish and will continue to do so. They can be the perfect companions of bright colors or can be blended together to create monochromatic schemes.
So how do you power up your home decorations with neutrals?
Kick Off With Brown

Estate cabinetry by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Davenport Square Maple, Drift

Wellborn Cabinet, featured in Houzz Kitchen Photos
Color forecasters see brown keeping its reign as the go-to color of almost any industry, from fashion to interior décor. However, in 2017, there is a shift from chocolate brown to lighter browns like that of cinnamon and mocha. These tones can be creamy and smooth. Thus, the room can envelop you in its coziness.
Reinvent Gray

Napa Maple, Dove Slate & Willow Slate, Bristol Hickory, Oatmeal Slate

Wellborn Cabinet, featured in Houzz Kitchen Photos
Though brown seems like interior designers’ neutral color favorite, it has recently been surpassed by gray. The color covers a large range of hues, from charcoal to hematite. Its charm is mainly with its ability to give pearlescent and metallic accents. Gray is also a versatile shade, so it can blend with any hue to create a modernized them and conjure a relaxing vibe. All you need is a touch of gray paint on the wall and the trick is done.

Embrace the Beige

View More:
Wellborn Cabinet – Beige – Slate Kitchen

Wellborn Cabinet, featured in The Beige House
Neutral colors like beige give that classic warm yet energizing aura. Beige goes well with other neutrals colors but can complement bright colors as well. It is easy to mix and match with it. It has that traditional lightness that makes it the perfect color foundation.


About the Author
Ethan Johnson—Blogger and Home Improvement Enthusiast


Ethan Johnson has headed several blog sites including Man of Family. His main passion is woodworking and DIY home improvement projects. He shares all his experience online and continually aims to find the latest and most effective techniques and strategies to make better DIY projects.

New England Renovation

When thinking of an overall home remodel, the thought seemed overwhelming and quite daunting to Myra Muir, a nurse in the already overwhelming bustling city of Boston. As you can imagine, nurse Myra spends most of her days away from her home. When time allows, Myra finds her happiest of times to be in the kitchen with her two golden retrievers, Maisy and Casey

The home, a custom built New England Colonial style home built in 1994 still displayed the 23-year-old oak cabinetry. Having been the sole owner of the home, the homeowner, now considering retirement, wanted to give her home an updated and fresh look. Friends suggested she start with the kitchen, best bang for your buck, they said. Myra agreed.

With a kitchen remodel decided on, Myra contacted Wendy Ditcham of Wendy Ditcham interiors, to begin the task of updating and modernizing the home in which she loves. After much conversation, brightening up the kitchen was the number one priority for this remodel.

“It seemed dark, dated, cluttered and did not have a good length of uninterrupted counter space. It was chopped up by the nearness of the range to the sink”, Wendy explained. “I felt it would be important to incorporate more counter space, considering the kitchen did not offer an island.”

Myra Muir's Kitchen Before 1 BEFORE1 Myra Muir's Kitchen Before 3

For the remodel, cabinets from Wellborn Cabinet were purchased through John DiSalvo at PrideCraft Cabinetry in North Andover Massachusetts. The Cabinet’s chosen were the perfect choice to provide the charm and sophistication Myra desired. She chose painted Glacier Java cabinets because she liked the idea of a warmer white with the stain in the grooves to give a nod to the country aesthetic in the rest of the home.

Wendy suggested moving the range around the corner by using a non-venting hood to take advantage of the interior wall. “By moving the range, we were able to get that long uninterrupted run of counter space desirable for food prep” said Wendy. Additionally, Wendy wanted to lighten the cabinets, take them up to the ceiling to avoid the awkward gap and use a farmhouse sink to maintain the country character that fits with the setting of the home.

Additionally, Wendy took the subway tile up to the ceiling around the window. This technique draws attention to the beautiful view into Myra’s already stunning garden.

Collage of Myra Muir and her dogs

Removing the cabinet “valance” above the sink and the fabric valance on the window and leaving the window undressed also allowed the homeowner to appreciate her green thumb.
After all is said and done, Myra Muir appears to be a happy renovation customer! The home in which she loves is ready to sustain the next 23 years of life and love!

Myra Muir's Kitchen After 2 after2 Myra Muir's Kitchen After 3 Myra Muir's Kitchen After 4

The Smart Kitchen Transformation

What has happened since the time of your grandmother’s kitchen and basic appliances to add more value and make a homeowner’s life easier? Refrigerators and the average kitchen appliance can do more today for you than ever before.

As you look to build, renovate or update a kitchen for your real-life needs, it is time to do some homework on the type of technology now available in kitchen appliances and gadgets. Not only can such technology and upgrades increase your enjoyment of your kitchen but they can help save you money, support a healthy lifestyle, and bring families closer.

Get the scoop on the useful kitchen technologies on the market to make a homeowner’s life more convenient and save them money over the lifetime of their use. Even at the time of the sale, smart kitchen improvements can really make a difference in the minds of tech-savvy buyers, making your home stand out among the competition.

Entertainment Centers - Media Life Furniture Cabinet by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Entertainment Centers – Media Life Furniture Cabinet by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Entertainment Center - Media Life Furniture Base by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Entertainment Center – Media Life Furniture Base by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Charging Station Insert by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.
Charging Station Insert by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

A Digital Hand for the Home Cook

Some people haven’t mastered cooking, and that’s fine. In fact, new kitchen gadgets have come out to make it easy to cook meals perfectly. Never serve a tough chicken breast or ruin a salmon filet again, thanks to the Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan, a device that does all of the timing for you. It checks the temperature of a cooking meal and tells you when it is done, which can be a godsend for cooks distracted by children and phone calls. It works with the Pantelligent app to give you the details you need, enabling meals to be cooked to perfection with minimal risk. This is only one example of how an unassuming kitchen necessity has been transformed to work with today’s digital technology.

The Internet of Things or IoT is a wonderful change coming to homes and kitchen applications. It seems like there are apps for anything that can add value to gadgets and appliances around the home. A Prep Pad is another tool and home gadget that gives you the nutritional details you want to make healthier meals and achieve health goals. A little tech help for healthy eating is a welcome and convenient addition to the kitchen.
Apps and IoT are helping your mother’s frying pan, food scale and other kitchen gadgets do more than one would have ever thought possible. It is not only these basics that have received a technological overhaul seemingly overnight. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator transforms an unassuming refrigerator into a digital command center, communicating with family members while organizing groceries and tasks. Larger
kitchen appliances like refrigerators have went and become smart but the reach of smart technologies have penetrated further into the sophisticated development of a wide variety of kitchen appliances and gadgets. It appears that a smart tech revolution has finally occurred to the all things kitchen. As Stefano Marangoni, founder of Thingk, said:
“A couple of years ago, we understood that the home appliances market was not involved in the cultural revolution that, thanks to Steve Jobs, changed the hi tech world. So, we started to work to propose on this market segment high quality materials, very good design and an essential, modern user interface, using several types of detectors (touch, gesture etc).”

It is not only novel kitchen gadgets but other necessary appliances in the home that have been transformed. Whirlpool, a recognizable brand, makes smart appliances to save energy and improve efficiency with washer and dryers. It looks like smart tech will be making its way to every room in the house.

Enjoy Your iKitchen

As iPads made their way into the kitchen, innovators looked to capitalize on potential applications, marrying digital technologies to the most basic of kitchen gadgets and appliances. Go beyond looking up a recipe with a tablet or smartphone and understand that the digital devices in our lives can now support the needs of home cooks and families across America in new and innovative ways.

Author: Guest Blogger

Preston Guyton REALTOR®
Broker in Charge/Managing Partner, CRG Companies, Inc.
7717 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572

Construction, Real Estate and Green.

Islands in The Stream

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Is your kitchen lacking storage? Style? How about seating? Needing a pop of color?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of the above questions, have you considered adding an island to your kitchen space? If you already have an island, have you considered an ‘island makeover’?

By adding or updating your kitchens island, storage space can be drastically increased, additional seating can be added as well as the opportunity to transform your space from simple and uniform to bold and exciting!

Additional storage can be achieved in the form of increased drawers, accessories, pull out shelves, etc. Likewise, a creative twist can be added with a play on color and textures.

Here are a few creative island ideas that will add storage, style and extra seating to totally transform any space from boring to bold!

Additional Storage 

An island can be beneficial to your kitchen design for many reasons, including the potential to increase available storage.

Below, two beverage coolers, a microwave and a warming oven were added to this kitchen island.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. HGTV Dream Home – 2009
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Estate Collection

Style Watch

If you have the luxury of building or remolding your home, consider turning your island into the focal point of your design. The below islands were given series style and creativity, with the help of Wellborn Cabinet cabinetry.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Estate Collection, Echelon – 2014
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. kitchen featured at KBIS 2016
2014 Palmetto Bluff Idea House. kitchen overall
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Palmetto Bluff Idea House – 2014
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Nature Collection Kitchen featured at KBIS 2017

A Place to Gather

‘The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home”

Many families find themselves gathered in the kitchen laughing and enjoying life together. Turn your island into a place to gather by including an island that provides room for seating.

View More:
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Southern Living Ideal House – 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Residential Home – 2013

The key to creating the perfect kitchen island for you and your family is planning. Use every square inch effectively and you’ll be surprised at how your kitchen space can be transformed into the beautiful design of your dreams!

Blog written by Ashley Robinson – Public Relations Specialist Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. –

Let’s Recap! 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Wellborn Cabinet Inc. was thrilled to yet again attend the national Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), marking this a 30-year tradition for Wellborn. Each year Wellborn Cabinet employees, sales, marketing and the Wellborn family embark on the trip to KBIS. Providing an astonishing display of the new framed and frameless product, this year’s exhibit was sure to amaze!

This year’s show was especially important as Wellborn Cabinet would be debuting the new Full Access Frameless product, Aspire Cabinetry. Aspire will be available for order in the first quarter of 2017. Although the launch date is many months ahead, Wellborn unveiled four new Aspire designs at the show. Each of the four new Aspire vignettes were designed to be unique and different in their own way.

The Wellborn Cabinet exhibit is a project one year in the making. Exhibit construction begins soon after the crew returns from the previous years show. A team of four men work on the exhibit year-round. This team works closely with the designer as new sets are created, while also working closely with members of the sales and marketing team as decisions are made regarding which sets to remove, replace or update. In total, the Wellborn Cabinet exhibit displays 21 different options in kitchen, bath, closet, laundry, pet center, craft room and mudroom cabinetry.

This year, Orlando Florida proved to be the resting place for the 2,500-square foot exhibit. Approximately 7 days prior to KBIS, the display team heads south for the sunshine state. The men traveling to work on the Wellborn exhibit were fully aware that this would be their home for the next 10-12 days. Once the team arrives, the massive display begins coming back to life. The men, now accompanied by an additional 12 men from the Wellborn staff, embark on the ambitious task of assembling this grand structure in just under four days.

The display team for the 2017 Wellborn Cabinet exhibit


As construction of the exhibit begins, members of the marketing team, sales team and management begin to arrive. Day and night, the entire Wellborn team work tirelessly to assemble the structure that will be on display for thousands during the three-day show.

Members of the marketing team work diligently to prepare the Wellborn Cabinet KBIS exhibit

As noise begins to rise across the halls of the Orange County Convention Center, it is evident the show will begin soon! Day one of the show begins and the crowd is tremendous! This year, over 500 leading brands in the kitchen and bath industry and over 100 NEW companies arrived for the KBIS show January 10-12. What a crowd it was! This enormous crowd left the Wellborn Cabinet exhibit standing room only each day!

As the week progressed, the Wellborn team ran non-stop. From hosting the annual VIP tour in the Wellborn exhibit, to the annual Press Conference, to honoring all the amazing Wellborn dealers at the Wellborn Summit Awards at Sea World; needless to say, the week was loaded with activities.

By nightfall on Thursday, the Wellborn team were all exhausted, yet excited for the future of Wellborn Cabinet. The show proved to be a tremendous success. Feedback received from the new Aspire product was nothing short of amazing!

The below photos showcase each new vignette revealed at this year’s show.

Elegant Bath Collection – Set 4/5
Elegant Bath Collection – Set 4/5
Elegant Bath Collection – Set 4/5
Select Series – Set 6
Select Series – Set 6
Select Series – Set 6
Premier Series / Estate Collection – Set 7
Premier Series / Estate Collection – Set 7
Premier Series / Estate Collection – Set 7
Select Series – Set 8
Select Series – Set 8
Select Series – Set 8
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 2
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 2
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 2
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 10
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 10
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 10
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 12
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 12
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 12
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 22
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 22
Aspire Cabinetry – Brilliant / Regal Collection – Set 22

For more information on each set, check out the KBIS 2017 portal located here

Also, check out other promotional videos filmed at KBIS 2017:

Blog written by Ashley Robinson – Public Relations Specialist Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Continue reading “Let’s Recap! 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show”

School’s Back and Wellborn Cabinet has your Back

August is finally here, and we all know what that means…BACK TO SCHOOL! Parents are running around stores searching for the required, long list of school supplies. Back to school always means it is time for the kids to see their friends, meet the new teacher, and learn an entire new schedule. Some essentials most families forget to think about are the following: where will the backpacks be stored, where will they do their homework, or where will they sit and read their school readings? Wellborn Cabinet not only wants to provide homes with beautiful cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom but throughout every room in the home to meet individual needs.

Most parents are excited for the school year to start, and it is important to ensure your children have adequate room to study after the bell rings.

Let’s start with as soon as they walk in the door. A mudroom allows your kids to place their shoes, backpacks, and jackets all in one place. Trust me parents, it will make mornings much more hassle free. Wellborn Cabinet offers mudrooms with storage options to hold all of these items in one room. You can add hangers for the jackets and backpacks or seating areas to hold the heavier book filled backpacks.

Picture 135

VNA_MPL_PIM Mudroom_300m


Typically, the parents are in the kitchen making dinner for the family in the midst of homework time, and what parent wouldn’t want to make this process a little simpler?  Our SmartDesign kitchen provides easier access to the kitchen pantry, cutting board, dishes, and other items. Let’s face it, cooking after a long day at work can be tiresome, so cut your cooking time in half by adding a couple of these SmartDesign mechanisms into your kitchen.

This You Draw It Demi Tall cabinet opens freely to help you find the right spice or ingredient. It lights up when opened to give a better visual of all the items stored along with extended drawers to pull out for an easy reach.


The electric butcher block helps you to cut all the vegetables at your desired height level. The butcher block is large enough to cut many ingredients up in one place, without taking away countertop space in your kitchen.


The Electronic Storage Lift brings all your dishes to countertop level. You can grab the dishes off the top shelf without having to climb up on the counter or risking a fall by climbing into a chair. It also makes clean up quick and easy!


Dinner is on the stove cooking, but it is time to get those books out and start a study session. Today’s children and teens tend to be preoccupied by technology. A good way to keep a watch on your kids is having an open floor plan between the kitchen, dining, or living room. As you are prepping tonight’s dinner menu, you can also watch to make sure your child is really doing his/her homework. Kids, watch out, parents can do two things at once! In addition to making your watch time easier, open floor plans can make family time or dinner parties much more enjoyable and collective.




After the endless amounts of worksheets are finished, it is time to get started on the assigned readings. Many teachers want their students to read at home to keep their brains working. Add a seating area in the home for a “quiet place” so those who enjoy hearing themselves think will have a place to get away!


Back to school does not have to be full of dreaded long study sessions, never-ending cleaning, or hassling late night dinners. Wellborn Cabinet provides technology and cabinetry for your home to incorporate a much simpler lifestyle, especially one that allows time for family. Let us be your Whole Home Design Solution.


4_CRD_MPL_COF_72L (1)




A Family Commitment That Spans Across Generations Celebrating 55 Years

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is celebrating 55 years since Paul Wellborn first opened the doors to Wellborn Cabinet Shop in Ashland, AL in 1961.  The company started in a 3,200 square foot building that Paul and his wife, Betty, eventually expanded into a 1.8 million square foot vertically integrated manufacturing plant.  The Wellborn family expanded right along with the business with 5 children who now all hold various management positions within the company.  The oldest, Tammy, is manager over the Credit Department, next in line is Angela who is Director of Marketing & Advertising, then John who is the Customer Relations Manager, followed by Stephen who is the Director of Product & Research Development, ending with the youngest, Jason, who is the Display Manager.  Now, Mr. Paul has another generation of the Wellborn family beginning their professional career with 3 of his 15 grandchildren working full time in various positions at the Ashland plant.

Original Wellborn Cabinet

The Original Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. 


The Wellborn Family 

Behind the Wellborn Family, are dedicated employees who work diligently to build quality cabinetry that is designed for a lifetime of gracious living. “Heirloom Quality” is not just an expression used at Wellborn Cabinet, we consider it a way of life. The amount of time the Wellborn team takes to ensure each product is tested to adhere to our quality standards is second to none. The check points are not completed by just one person; we have over 100 employees on our Quality Team that thoroughly check each cabinet. Our certified inspectors oversee 30 quality checkpoints throughout the facility. The time-tested craftsmanship has been passed down for generations to Wellborn employee. Each cabinet is Crafted By People Who Care.


Doors, drawer fronts, and face frames are individually inspected for a smooth flawless surface that is properly prepared for The WellGuard Finishing System.


Our Thermofoil doors are ¾” thick. A five-piece raised panel appearance is created by intricately routing the door details from a single solid piece of medium density fiberboard.

Our passion for success not only streams through our product, but we also ensure our facility follows the Environmental Stewardship Certification Program (ESP) regulations. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.’s goal is to incorporate leading environmental practices, policies, and standards throughout our facility. Our responsibility to the environment has extended to include selecting, educating, and embracing suppliers based on their commitment to similar environmental practices, including sustainable or recycled raw materials, as well as low emission products where applicable. Our commitment to each customer is ensuring them that the cabinets they buy from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. are the GreenChoice now and for future generations.



Wellborn’s Estate Collection was chosen to participate in the Greenhaven Home in Atlanta because of its commitment to the environment. Greenhaven is a model for green building and sustainable design.


Wellborn Truck 

Sales.Marketing Picture

Marketing and Sales Team

For years our company has remained true to our commitments to quality, environmental stewardship, and devotion to our customers. With expansion in the works and applications welcomed, our company has decided to add a new edition to our Ashland location, coming in 2017, in the form of our new frameless line, Aspire Cabinetry. We will have an entire new line of paints, stains and door styles to choose from. Without all of the care and love from our employees, we would not have been able to get where we are today, and the Wellborn Family is so thankful.

wellborn cabinet

Wellborn Cabinet today


Make a Great Escape with a Specialty Room for You

It has been said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. When the demands of life make it tough to get away, you can actually find your escape closer to home – right in your home, even – by carving out a corner to create a retreat just for you.


A room dedicated to you and all of your hobbies or personal interests can serve as a welcome escape from the real world if only for a little while. These tips make it simple to get started planning your big escape with ideas centered on some of the most common specialty rooms, as well as a solution for fitting the ideas into a smaller home.


Create a space for crafts.

If you find your frazzled senses defraying with a little threading therapy, look to create a space that celebrates this pastime. With the rise in popularity of websites such as Pinterest, which feature a plethora of DIY ideas, you’ll have ample opportunity to distract your mind and busy your hands.


A room designed to let you explore your crafty side can help prevent the kitchen or dining room table from becoming a creative center or wrapping station around the holidays, and allows those areas to remain dedicated to family, food and friendship. It doesn’t have to be just for crafts, though. It can also be a place to settle down with a good book and just relax.


Keep your space clutter-free and ready to enjoy with a craft room such as those designed by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., which can feature spacious storage and expansive countertops, providing ample space to create projects that help decorate both the interior and exterior of the home, or simply to unwind and relieve stress.

SSS_TMF_LIN_300M (1)




Don’t dismiss cars, bars and sports.

If a room free of frou-frou decor where you can just unwind is more your ticket, a man cave may be just the answer. Man caves come in all shapes and sizes, from rowdy dens for sports fanatics to workshops decked out with the tools of your trade.


Even if decorating isn’t your thing, look for ways to make the place your own, whether you display trophies from your hunting excursions or decor emblazoned with the logos of your favorite sports teams. This is the room that allows you to relish in the hobbies you enjoy most.


If there isn’t a spare room or basement available, the garage can serve as a good alternative. With specific spots for tools and lawn care products – or even that car or motorcycle collection – the garage can meet the same needs as a more traditional man cave.






When two rooms become one.

Whether space limitations prohibit separate quarters, or you simply prefer to share your hobby time with a partner, you can create a specialty room that accommodates both your interests with a little creativity and planning. Working as a team, you can find the right accessories and storage to design a getaway for two. For example, a creative room from Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. offers more than 600 door styles, wood types and combinations. The result is a chance to combine two rooms, such as the man cave and craft room, for a sanctuary you can build and enjoy together.


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Accessorize Your Personal Space

If creating a space all your own feels like a daunting project, these clever tips from the experts at Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. will help get you closer to a room you can get ready to enjoy:

  • Charging Solutions: Install a charging station in a drawer for phones or other handheld Power and docking stations can easily hide devices and ports yet keep them readily accessible.
  • Accessory Racks and Holders: Hooks for tools or coats keep them off of other furniture, including countertops where they can pile up and detract from your workspace. Cubby inserts and baskets help keep your things organized on
  • Sliding Shelves: Sliding shelves, drawers and baskets let you organize tools or crafting accessories while providing easy access to the items you’ve tucked


How To: Incorporate "Smart Design" In Your Home

Smart Design is made up of elements such as technology, organization, and lighting. When these elements are combined, space is maximized in rooms of all sizes!

Current lifestyle trends, whether it may be empty nesters, first time home buyers, or the economy, have left people with smaller spaces. A solution to this mainstream problem is designing “smarter.” Many elements work together to construct a design that encompasses several ideas that not only look amazing but are very practical at the same time. Smart Design a way of incorporating great designs for all ages in smaller spaces using technology, organization and lighting to create storage solutions that make use of every inch of space.

The best part about Smart Design is that it’s not just limited to the kitchen. It can be used throughout every room in the home. This is important because the kitchen is not the only room that needs space maximized, and by excelling in technology, organization and lighting, a room’s accessibility can be transformed.


The advances in technology have opened up the opportunity to make life a little easier. Cooking, a lot of times, leaves you with your hands messy or full. With features such as touch to lift, touch to light, touch to open and touch to close, a solution is provided for this mainstream problem. Another neat possibility with technology is the ability to bring items down and up with the push of a button. This has been shown through countertops that lift and lower depending on the task at hand, cabinet shelves that lower to the countertop and lift back up for convenience and closet rods that lower and lift maximizing space that otherwise would go untouched.

This Electronic Closet Rod allows maximization of high ceiling closets as well as convenience for everyone!
This Electronic Closet Rod allows maximization of high ceiling closets as well as convenience for everyone!
This Electronic Countertop Lift provides accessible heights with the push of a button to better assist the task at hand.
This Electronic Countertop Lift provides accessible heights with the push of a button to better assist the task at hand.
This Electric Hidden Storage Lift provides the convenience of bringing cabinet shelves down to the countertop. This allows for ease of putting away dishes and other heavy items.
This Electric Hidden Storage Lift provides the convenience of bringing cabinet shelves down to the countertop. This allows for ease of putting away dishes and other heavy items.


Organization is key when making the most use of small spaces. With so many storage solution kits and accessories, there is guaranteed to be a place for every item! Also, when spaces are kept organized, locating items becomes much easier. Components such as drawer dividers, tray dividers, spice rack pullout cabinets and sliding shelves are only a few of the items that can aid in organization. Remember to be creative! Who says that a draw divider can’t be useful in a craft room? Find organization that works well for you and stick to it!

Left (Top): Deep Divider Kit Left (Bottom): Deep Drawer Pegged Dish Organizers Right: Corner Sink Base Cabinet with Kidney Sliding Shelves
Left (Top): Deep Divider Kit
Left (Bottom): Deep Drawer Pegged Dish Organizers
Right: Corner Sink Base Cabinet with Kidney Sliding Shelves


The right amount of lighting not only complements cabinets to show the true beauty of the wood, but it also provides the function of making things easier to see. This alone can save space because it gives you access to locate items in all areas of the cabinets. Lighting is an element that is often overlooked, but really does provide function to cabinets.

Lighting for under cabinets, in cabinets, and in drawers!
Lighting for under cabinets, in cabinets, and in drawers!

Touch to Open

Another option for convenience is our Touch to Open feature.  Wellborn’s drawer base cabinet with touch to open technology allows users to simply touch the front of the drawer that they want to access, and it glides open, eliminating the need to grab any hardware. When the drawer is pressed in, a small motor activates the door to open. This makes this Smart Design feature the perfect solution for homeowners with mobility or motor challenges, or for those of us simply looking for a little extra help in the kitchen.

Touch to Open feature allows users to simply touch the front of the drawer they want to access and it glides open.

Electronic Charging Stations

It’s a technology filled world and all those devices need their own place to rest and recharge. So why not give them one? Include our Charging Drawer Station into your design and provide yourself with a dedicated area specifically for your technology. Many base, desk and vanity cabinets 21” wide or wider can get the Charging Drawer Station Installed. This option installs an in-drawer electrical outlet into the top  drawer and includes two outlets and two USB ports to charge most any personal technology device (phone, tablet, MP3 player, etc.) in the drawer.

charging station
Charging Stations inside drawers help keep our items safe and out of the way while charging.

When dreaming up your new home or remodel, try to think of ways that Smart Design can be incorporated in each space!

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