Understanding Project Scope for Home Projects

written by Kasey White
last updated: October 13, 2022

Whether you plan to remodel or renovate your kitchen, bedroom or another favorite room in your house, you have the creative freedom to implement your personal style into every stage of the redesign process. While the timeline can seem long and your visions may not come to life as quickly as you intended, having a project scope can help your project go smoothly.

If you want to start a home project, learn more about project scopes before making any final design decisions.

What Is the Scope of Work in Home Projects?

Before planning a home renovation, understanding the meaning of project scope is essential for creating an effective layout plan. A project scope or scope of work for home renovations includes the list of building and design strategies, action plans and the material you'll need to complete your remodel.

These factors are the home renovation basics that allow you and your team to view the essentials, so everything is in order when the work begins. Every great scope of work home renovation plan starts with an idea. At the beginning of your renovation plans, your project scope will be relatively vague.

The contractors working on your renovation will take your vision into account to begin coming up with specific details they'll need later when they take a look at the space you plan to renovate. Once they assess the room in your home, they can use exact measurements and specific materials to confirm a solid project scope. If everything matches your vision for the perfect renovation, they can get to work on your new living space.

A sample scope of work may include:

  • Retiling the floor
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Replacing cabinet doors and spaces
  • Including more storage
  • Checking that electricity works with new wall outlets and lights
  • Making sure new additions fit in the suitable spaces before installation
  • Ordering a specific amount of paint or tiles

Common Rooms to Renovate or Redesign

If you want to participate in a home project but don't know where to begin in your house, consider the spaces where you and your guests spend the most time. Then, you can enjoy showing off your redesigns in areas where your family enjoys each other's company or where you feel most comfortable after a long day.

Most homeowners choose a bathroom, kitchen or master bedroom renovation scope of work as a starting point in their homes. Take the following inspiration into account to find the proper renovation or redesign project in your home:

  • Bedroom: Remodeling your bedroom allows you to add new or larger closet space, cabinets and other master bedroom accessories that can help you fully relax in your space after a long day.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen remodel projects are exciting because you get more room to implement new appliances and design elements. Add gorgeous cabinetry, countertops and large appliances to your kitchen remodel project plan for your whole family to enjoy.
  • Bathroom: For a bathroom remodel or redesign, you can enjoy modern bathtubs and showers, new countertops and spacious cabinets that fit your style. You can feel more relaxed in your new space with a few simple changes or a complete redesign.

Determine if You Want to Redesign or Renovate

home remodel vs redesign

When you're looking for a change to your living spaces, you have the freedom to choose a complete remodel plan or redesign project to spice the rooms in your home. This decision determines the items you need to add to your project scope.

Choosing to Redesign

If you like the layout of the room you want to redesign and think you can work with the preexisting setup, you can choose a simple redesign project that adds new features to the space. This type of project allows you to keep the exact room dimensions and incorporate new furniture, wall decor or other additions that don't require replacing the walls or floor.

In this scenario, you can choose new design elements such as cabinetry for your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen renovation. You have the creative freedom to implement new color schemes, architectural features or your aesthetic to make the room fit your style.

Redesign home projects are typically more affordable than remodeling because contractors won't need to remove or expand walls to add more space. Instead, the project takes a few shopping trips to find the right furniture or decor to redecorate the room, which only takes a few weeks to complete.

Choosing to Remodel

If you prefer to expand the living space of your choice to fit more furniture or incorporate more design elements, remodeling is the right choice for you. Although these projects take longer to complete, you can enjoy the view of a completely new room with larger dimensions and more space to decorate as you see fit.

Remodeling calls for more dramatic changes to your home. You can add new flooring, paint or wallpaper to the walls, more furniture and many other additions. This option grants you more freedom to decorate and make the room feel more in tune with your design elements.

Your project scope for a remodeling project will be longer because you'll need to record new measurements and assess risks that may occur when expanding the walls. Your contractor team will help list the plans moving forward for each step of the project so you can have an accurate timeline at your disposal.

Add Our Cabinets to Your Project Scope

Interested in a remodel or redesign home project? Wellborn Cabinet has you covered! Add our hundreds of finishes, materials and embellishments to your project scope to create gorgeous new additions to your living spaces. With cabinetry options to fit any room in the home, you can enjoy stylish options that fit your aesthetic.

If you're unsure of the style you want for your remodel or resdesign, our dealers provide expert opinions on the cabinet size, materials and finishes to optimize your room's designs. You can also rest assured Wellborn Cabinet dealers will offer or refer you to a professional installer to position the cabinets exactly where you see fit.

Contact us today to update your project scope to meet your aesthetic expectations for your home.

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