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Unlock a world of possibilities for your business with our exclusive dealer benefits tailored just for you. By choosing Wellborn Cabinet, you're not just selecting a supplier, you're entering a partnership that values your success. Partner with us and experience the Wellborn Cabinet difference. 

Family Owned Company

At Wellborn Cabinet, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned company, fostering close and caring relationships with our dealers. Here's why partnering with us is a unique experience: 
  • Dedicated Customer Service Rep and Account Manager: Our commitment extends beyond just supplying cabinets. Every dealer gets personalized attention with a dedicated customer service representative and a sales representative account manager. 
  • On-Site Training Center: We invest in your success. Our on-site training center ensures that you and your team are well-versed in our products, processes, and the latest industry trends. Knowledgeable dealers make satisfied customers. 
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American Made Company and Products

Choosing Wellborn Cabinet means supporting the United States workers and economy. Here's what sets our American-made cabinets apart: 
  • Supporting US Workers and Economy: We take pride in contrivuting to the strength and vitality of the United States by providing employment opportunities and supporting the local economy. 
  • Strong, Durable Quality Materials: Our commitment to quality begins with the materials we use. Wellborn cabinets are built to last, using the finest materials that guarantee durability and longevity. 
  • American Made Products: Wellborn Cabinet makes efforts to only purchase product that is made in the USA.
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Vertical Integration

Wellborn Cabinet's commitment to sustainability and efficiency is evident in our vertical integration. Here's what makes us stand out:
  • Sustainable Practices: We recycle sawdust to power our plants, ensuring minimal environmental impact. From logging to cabinet production, we control the entire process within our facility, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. 
  • Wide Range of Offerings: Offer to all customers from production builders to high-end remodels. We offer multiple constructions from Framed, Inset and Framless options and a vast selection of cabinet doors, colors, and many other options. This flexibilty ensures that our dealers can cater to a diverse clientele. 
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Tools Wellborn Cabinet Has To Offer

Wellborn Cabinet provides a suite of tools to facilitate your success as a dealer. Here's what's at your disposal:
  • Marketing Tools: We provide numerous marketing templates through our Marketing Studio and access to a massive Photo Library for those who want to design their own marketing documents from scratch.
  • Comprehensive Training Options: From informative product videos to in-house training classes, we offer a variety of training resources to keep you and your team well-informed and ready to excel in selling Wellborn Cabinet products. 
  • Digital Specification Catalogs: Our easy-to-use digital specification catalogs streamline the ordering process, providing quick access to product information and specifications. 
  • Way Site - Your information System: our WAY site, short for Wellborn and You, is your gateway to seamless operations. Here's how it can make your life as a dealer easier:
    • Comprehensive Information: Access training materials, product information, and more at your fingertips, providing you with the information you need whenever you need it. 
    • 24/7 Accessibility: Information is available to you round the clock, empowering you to manage your business efficiently. 
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Lead Generation Expertise

In 2023 alone, Wellborn Cabinet successfully henerated and provided more than 13,000 leads to be forwarded to our network of dealers. 

Our commitment goes beyond crafting exquisite cabinets. We are dedicated to helping our dealers grow their businesses by leveraging our extensive lead generation expertise. 
  • Through our website
  • Targeted magazine placements
  • Responsive Phone Support
  • Engaging Events
  • and much more...
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Wellborn Cabinet is ready to be your dedicated ally in your business growth. Take the next step towards a thriving cabinet dealership - explore the Wellborn Cabinet difference today!
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