KBIS 2023: New & Noteworthy

written by Kasey White
last updated: February 23, 2023

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc exhibited at the 2023 KBIS show in Las Vegas. This year's Design and Construction Week boasted the largest attendance numbers in its 60-year run with over 200,000 attendees. We are so grateful for everyone who came out to visit our booth this year. However, we know not everyone could make the trip to beautiful Las Vegas, so here are some highlights and new and noteworthy things you may have missed.

There was so much to see at this year's KBIS show, and the Wellborn Cabinet booth was no exception. The new box hood program, base blind corner cabinet pullout, and our open shelves were all debuted at KBIS this year. Not to mention that the doors, colors, walk-through pantry, and larder cabinet also made an appearance.

New Products Debuted at KBIS

product collage

Box Hood Program at KBIS

modern kitchen with natural upper cabinets and laminate lower cabinets

The new box hood program is incredible. This program allows you the freedom to design a hood exactly to your personal style. Choose from four different styles of hoods that can be painted or stained in your color choice with a beautiful box wood apron, giving it a depth and texture that was previously a difficult to obtain. You can also add metal corner straps in gold, gun metal grey, and a flat black allowing for more customization to your personal style. This box hood program also allows you access to the vent inside the hood by opening the front.

Base Blind Corner Cabinet Superior Pull Out

base blind corner pull out inside KBIS set

This amazing pull out is a game changer. Gone are the days of having to practically crawl inside that corner cabinet. Thanks to this pull out brings all your items to you. Your first pull brings your first set of shelves out to you. Then, just by sliding the shelving over, your second set of shelves meets you at the door.

Open Shelves

open shelves in KBIS set

These little shelves were a huge hit at KBIS this year. Slimline and floating shelves are perfect storage solutions for small kitchens or small vanity bathrooms but can also easily find their place in larger rooms. Floating shelves have been a hot trend for a while now and they’re showing no signs of slowing down in popularity. These shelves fit seamlessly into any room already but with the added option of metal or wood, now they fit every design style too.

Other Noteworthy Products at KBIS

Though they may not have made their debut at this year's KBIS, these products still deserve their time in the spotlight. These colors, doors, and other new products are show-stoppers in their own right.

Paints at KBIS

Celtic is our green. Designed to be striking and serve as a focal point, it brings elements of growth and nature into the home. Cape is our beautiful, beachy color. The soft blue-gray pairs well with virtually any stain or neutral finish for a two-toned combination in your space.  Meanwhile, Whisper is our relaxer. A creamy, lighter shade of gray is just the right amount of welcoming comfort and feel of home for your kitchen or bath.

Stains at KBIS

River Rock is a warm hue that pairs excellently with natural textures and tones but can also add to your design when mixed with painted uppers. Castle is a beautiful light grey hue that pairs amazingly with silver, gold, and black hardware. Castle allows the natural intricate designs of the wood grain to really shine through and add texture and intrigue to your cabinetry. Nightfall is our newest deep black. Typically used as an accent color, Nightfall takes center stage and shines when paired with white cabinetry, giving your space an elegant and modern feel.

Door Styles

With more door styles release, Wellborn is keeping its finger on the pulse of the cabinet industry. Slim Shaker doors, Muriel and Florence, are a new version of the traditional Shaker that will give cabinets a timeless and modern look and feel. Also released was the new Chelsea II door style. A true miter door, Chelsea II has a transitional look that will enhance any space its in.

Larder Cabinet

Larder cabinet

Larder cabinets have been around for years and their functionality has always been one of their most popular characteristics. Able to be used as a coffee bar or a mixing station, this isn't your grandma's larder cabinet. Paired up with the appliance pullout, this cabinet becomes something more than just functional - it becomes beautiful too.

Walk-Through Pantry

walk through pantry

Secret rooms have created a sense of excitement since the first one was discovered. Wellborn found a way to take that excitement and turn it to a beautiful, functional reality. A walk through pantry is a creative and beautiful way to add space to an existing pantry or create better flow to a new house plan. The walk-through pantry also features a magnetic door catch for stability and a soft close feature to allow the doors to close easily to the frame.

Want to See It For Yourself?

So, you've seen all of this and want to get a more in-depth look at what was going on in the Wellborn booth at KBIS. No problem! Take a trip to our KBIS Portal and take a virtual tour of the booth, see more images, and learn all about Wellborn in a fun and immersive way!

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