Order Finish Sample Chips

Wellborn Cabinet's Medium Density Fiberboard also known as WellCore MDF cabinetry is a high-quality option for painted cabinetry. WellCore MDF has very consistent surface properties which means the paint will lay smoothly and create a great bond on flat surfaces without the characteristics. WellCore MDF is available in many painted options for your beautiful cabinetry.
Wellborn Cabinet has many different cabinet materials to choose from such as Cherry, Maple, Hickory, Oak, MDF, and Decorative Laminate Veneers. Begin shopping now to see the finish you desire right in your hands.
Note: Some materials and finishes are not available in all product lines.   Samples are not returnable. All sales are final.
Colors can look different based on the monitor used. Wellborn Cabinet strongly encourages the purchasing of a sample chip prior to ordering cabinetry. A physical sample chip is the best way to know how a color should look on a specific material. 

Choose from our list of materials below to see available finishes:

Door Material:

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