open concept kitchen with white cabinets and a blue kitchen island
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Alternative Uses for Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the essential part of any home. It’s where the entire family gets together throughout the day. Furthermore, it’s a great place to socialize with friends while cooking dinner. That’s why whenever you move into a new home, you want a kitchen you’ll love and be proud of. Moreover, even if you’ve been …

large kitchen with dark colored floating vanity, standalone tub, and light walls and tiles
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How Can I Make My Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Everyone wants a bigger bathroom! Wellborn Cabinet, Inc has been making bathroom cabinetry for over 60 years, so we like to think we have some tricks up our sleeves. Here are some tips to make your bathroom feel bigger! Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger by Using Light Colored Cabinetry Cabinetry plays a huge role in …

wellborn white kitchen cabinets
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Understanding Project Scope for Home Projects

Whether you plan to remodel or renovate your kitchen, bedroom or another favorite room in your house, you have the creative freedom to implement your personal style into every stage of the redesign process. While the timeline can seem long and your visions may not come to life as quickly as you intended, having a …

wall cabinet pantry for kitchens
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Cabinet Pantries for Kitchens

The addition of cabinet pantries for kitchens is a game changing move. This cabinet, or sometimes room, is an extension of your kitchen that adds tons of extra storage. A kitchen pantry is a place to store dried goods, extra supplies, and anything else you wish to store. Pantry cabinets come in many different styles, …

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How To Choose Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing cabinet hardware for kitchen cabinets and drawers can be a difficult task. Handles for kitchen cabinets have a lot of choices that go with them. There are many factors to consider like style, functionality, and the color of the cabinets themselves. So how do you make sure you have functional hardware without sacrificing your …

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How To Update Your Kitchen Design this Fall

The kitchen is the heart of a home. As the cold weather approaches, we’re bound to spend more time in it. So why not focus your energy on bettering your living environment and use this fall to update your kitchen design? Even the smallest home improvements can boost our mood and increase our satisfaction with …

open concept kitchen with white cabinets and a blue kitchen island
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5 Eco-Friendly Cabinet Options for Your Home

When it comes to home design, you are often faced with multiple options. From smart home solutions that give you a ton of wireless control, to more cost-effective solutions that won’t take a big chunk out of your home budget. But, arguably, the best solution for any home design is going eco-friendly. With this in …

Modern gold accented bedroom with designer laminate cabinetry
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Practical Tips for Designing Your Master Bedroom and Bathroom

The master bedroom and bathroom are a significant feature of any house, but bedrooms are also somewhere to relax and rest. When designing your bedroom and bathroom, you should enjoy planning how your bedroom and bathroom will become a peaceful haven or relaxing space after a busy day. Design Your Bedroom and Bathroom to Make …

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6 Things to Do to Increase the Value of Your Home

Picture this: it’s 2022 and the housing market is booming. Houses are being sold in less than a week, sometimes even hours after it’s listed. So, how are they doing it? What’s making these houses sell so quickly? Maybe it’s luck, or, maybe it’s home improvement projects. These six home improvement projects are almost guaranteed …