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written by Kasey White
last updated: November 11, 2022

Whether you are buying a new home or remodeling your living spaces, choosing a bathroom vanity for your suite allows you to maximize the aesthetic in your bathroom. New styles, colors, materials and designs give you the opportunity to create a unique look in these spaces or install new furniture to make your bathroom features blend together.

Before deciding on any final ideas for a bathroom vanity, you can take a few steps to make sure you choose the right size and style. Explore the following guidelines and inspiration to help make choosing a bathroom vanity easy and exciting.

Types of Bathrooms

Although bathroom cabinets and vanities are versatile in sizes and styles to fit any room, most typically fit a specific bathroom size. Take a few minutes to distinguish which bathroom you want for your new vanity set before determining your favorite cabinet colors, lighting choices and storage space.

Bathroom vanities can look different in powder rooms, guest bathrooms and master bathrooms due to the sizes of each space.

  • Powder rooms: Since these rooms are typically the smallest of the three, you can choose a small space bathroom vanity that comes in a single cabinet and sink with a smaller mirror. 
  • Guest bathrooms: These rooms have a little more space, leaving you the creative freedom to select a double sink vanity that reaches about 60 inches wide. You can also give your guest bathroom more space by selecting a single cabinet and sink vanity, so there is more room to move around the area.
  • Master bathrooms: As the largest bathroom space in the average home, your master bathroom can feel even more open when you choose from floating vanity sinks and mirrors. You can install a bathroom vanity with countertops long enough to fit multiple sinks, more cabinet and drawer space and a larger mirror. 

Finding the correct vanity sizes for bathrooms is the first step in choosing your ideal bathroom vanity. 

Measure Your Space Before Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

Before finding the perfect vanity set and style to make your bathroom space come to life, you can measure the room in order to select the right size bathroom vanity.

When measuring your space, it's best to create a layout on a piece of paper that accurately depicts the room's length, width and height. These measurements can give you an idea of how much space you have in the room to place a vanity set where you and your guests can easily access it. The height of the walls can help you visualize how high you can place the vanity mirror while also being at the appropriate eye level for guests and family members. 

After recording the room's area, take some time to measure the objects in the bathroom, including any showers, bathtubs, toilets, windows and door frames. These measurements will impact the space where you plan to install your vanity. Record the distance between these objects and their perpendicular walls to see how much room you have to work with when selecting your new bathroom vanity.

Many homeowners play it safe by placing their vanities in the corner of the bathroom and stretching them further down the wall. You can also place them next to the toilet or across from showers or bathtubs to create enough space to move freely between bathroom features. 


Bathroom Styles

After finding the right vanity sizes for your preferred bathroom, you can start looking at different styles to fit your aesthetic. Vanities can transform your home's current style into a new look that meets your creative vision.

You can choose from different bathroom vanities that fit modern, traditional and classic styles. 

  • Modern vanity suites: If you prefer a bathroom's minimalistic yet bold look, modern suites are your go-to choice for vanities. With sleek surfaces, cabinets, handles, mirrors and sinks, you can make your space feel like a 5-star hotel with a simple installation. Enjoy this sophisticated style in your bathroom.
  • Traditional vanity suites: With timeless styles that can make your bathroom feel cozy, traditional vanities are a great addition to any bathroom space. These options include at least one cabinet drawer with three drawers for extra storage. You can also choose a larger vanity that uses the drawers to separate two large cabinet doors so you and your partner can have designated spaces for your bathroom items. Complement your Stratton, Langford, Easton or Shelton wood cabinet styles with classy marble sinks to make the design come to life. 
  • Classic vanity suites: With elegant design elements in each cabinet door, wood carvings and surface styles, classic vanities are perfect for adding extra flair to your bathroom. These suites are distinguishable by their twisted wood carving look on the sides of each cabinet so you can create a rustic, seaside or ranch aesthetic. The Ascott, Jacoby, Maybrook and Claremont designs pair well with small bathroom sinks with cabinet doors of all sizes.

Think About Color Choices When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

Now, for the fun part! With various color selections and finishes to choose from, you can create a beautiful look for your vanity that makes your whole bathroom stand out. Through Wellborn Cabinet's Color Inspire partnership with Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Valspar, you can use any color you desire for your bathroom vanities. If you can think of the perfect color, we can create it for you. 

You also have options for unique finishes to enhance the style of your vanity. Select from antique, olde world, vintage, heirloom or brush finish styles, and finish with a glaze highlight for a beautiful vanity that never loses its unique design. Add stained and painted finishes that match the rest of your bathroom for a smooth transition from your existing features to your sink, cabinets and mirror.

Make the Most of Your Space With a Bathroom Vanity

For quality bathroom vanities that fit your home's aesthetic, turn to Wellborn Cabinet. We offer stylish and highly durable vanities that give you the creative freedom to choose unique finishes, materials and unlimited colors. 

If a new bathroom vanity suite is on your radar, request a catalog today for more visual inspiration. A physical copy of our designs and color options can help make your final decision easier. 

Need more assistance in the vanity selection process? Contact one of our experienced dealers for guidance on installation, choosing the right style and including as much storage space as you desire. Find your local dealer today to get started.


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