Kitchen Pantry Storage Solutions

written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: February 24, 2022

Wellborn Cabinet pantries come in many different styles, colors, and materials that can add beauty and value to your kitchen. A built-in cabinet pantry is a great way to add storage without being bulky while a wall pantry can have many different storage options such as sliding or adjustable shelving.

Pantry Cabinet Styles

There are many pantry cabinet styles. Decide which style of pantry is best for your kitchen based on several factors, the largest of which is the amount of available space in your kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen area, a built-in pantry cabinet is most likely your best option.

Kitchen pantry cabinets add character and organization to your kitchen. Pantry accessories like shelving styles or even drawers add more storage space for your items that aren’t used as regularly, or you just didn’t have space for previously.

Built in cabinet pantry for kitchens

Built-In Pantry Cabinets

A built-in cabinet pantry option is great for smaller kitchens or apartments since it requires little space. These pantry cabinets are placed inside your cabinets themselves or into your wall during design. This style of pantry cabinet is as beautiful as it is functional. Since it is inside your wall or cabinets, it keeps the overall flow of your kitchen perfectly intact while adding extra storage and organization.

wall cabinet pantry for kitchens with pullouts in different sizes

Wall Pantry

If you have an empty wall space in your kitchen a wall pantry is a great way to fill that space. A wall pantry is made to fit the available space and isn't attached to the wall or your cabinetry. This is a great aspect of these pantry cabinets because they are able to be moved to a different space when needed. A wall pantry adds that extra organization and storage to your kitchen while adding a beautiful accent as well.

white and green farmhouse free standing cabinet pantry for kitchens

Free Standing Pantry for Kitchens

A free standing kitchen cabinet pantry is another option you can choose. Freestanding cabinet pantries are great for the organized chef. You can add many pantry accessories to these cabinets such as drawers, shelves, spice racks, and more. These stand up pantry cabinets give you the storage of your dreams. Another option with a freestanding cabinet pantry is having glass doors and using them as a decorative accent to your kitchen like a china cabinet is to a dining area.

walk through pantry in sapphire blue with white cabinets

Walk-Through Cabinet Pantries for Kitchens

A walk-through pantry is a creative and beautiful way to add space to an existing pantry or create better flow to a new house plan.  you can completely change the look and style of your current pantry. The storage options are endless, and your cluttered pantries will become a thing of the past. Plus, you get to re-visit childhood with your new “secret room”.

Updating Your Kitchen with Pantry Cabinets

Since these past few years have kept people in their homes more, there is a surge of people looking to upgrade or add to their kitchens, especially the idea of adding storage. People found that they were lacking areas for more food storage, cleaning supplies, and dishes. Adding a kitchen cabinet pantry, solves these issues easily and beautifully.

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