How Can I Make My Bathroom Feel Bigger?

written by Kasey White
last updated: November 4, 2022

Everyone wants a bigger bathroom! Wellborn Cabinet, Inc has been making bathroom cabinetry for over 60 years, so we like to think we have some tricks up our sleeves. Here are some tips to make your bathroom feel bigger!

Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger by Using Light Colored Cabinetry

Cabinetry plays a huge role in your bathroom's overall look and feel and so does color. So how do you combine the two to create an amazing look while making your bathroom feel bigger? The best way to do this is to use light colors on your cabinets. Crisp whites and light blues are great color tones to use in your bathroom. The lighter colors give the illusion of a bigger space without having to create a bigger floor plan.

The Sky is the Limit

Another tip is using tall cabinetry in your bathroom. Instead of having just a vanity, try adding some tall cabinetry to your space. This makes your bathroom seem to be built taller giving it a more open feel. Plus, adding more cabinetry to your space gives you more storage for your bathroom necessities, which is always a huge plus.

long brown vanity cabinet with two tall wall cabinets on each end

Use Pull Outs to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

Pullouts are an amazing organizational tool! These allow you to get all the everyday clutter like hair appliances, makeup, towels, and other bathroom items off of your countertops. Reducing that countertop clutter makes your space have a clean look that also makes it feel larger.

Vanity Appliance Pullout

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc's vanity appliance pullout is a must-have for any bathroom. There's no denying that your straightener, hair dryer, and curling iron cords can be a huge eyesore in your otherwise beautiful bathroom. This pullout allows you to store your products easily and keep those cords perfectly hidden while still having the items you need in easy reach.

a woman taking a hair straightener out of a vanity appliance pullout cabinet in a bathroom

Wastebasket Pull Out

One huge factor in making your bathroom feel larger is making sure nothing unnecessary is taking up valuable floor space. The wastebasket pullout does just that. This simple pullout allows you to keep your trash perfectly hidden but still easily accessible.

wastebasket pullout in a bathroom

Embrace Open Shelving

Making sure that your bathroom doesn't have a closed off feel is a big factor in making a space feel bigger. A great way to make your bathroom feel more open is to use floating shelves. Floating shelves come in multiple shapes, sizes, and materials. For a modern style bathroom, metal slimline floating shelves are the way to go. For a more traditional style, wood floating shelves add so much character and definitely give your bathroom a bigger feel.

dark wood floating shelves in a white bathroom

Using all of these tips and tricks can definitely make a difference in making your bathroom feel bigger. For more design inspiration and ideas, grab some Wellborn Cabinet literature here!

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