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      Cabinet Installation FAQs

      Can I install cabinets myself or should I hire a professional cabinet installer?

      Thinking of installing cabinets yourself? While it may be doable, hiring a professional cabinet installer offers essential benefits. Experts ensure precise measurements, seamless fitting, and secure placement, avoiding potential errors that DIY attempts can bring. Professionals possess the skills to handle challenges and deliver a polished result. Avoid stress and ensure your cabinets are flawless integrated into your space by reaching out to a skilled cabinet contractor. Their know-how guarantees that your investment in cabinets will shine. Choose wisely for a smooth, efficient, and expertly executed cabinet installation. To begin your cabinet installation, enter your zip code to find a Wellborn Authorized Contractor in your area. To help with DIY cabinet installation, the Wellborn Cabinet Installation, Care, and Warranty Guide is also available for use. 

      How long does cabinet installation typically take?

      Cabinet installation durations vary based on factors such as cabinet type and quantity. When dealing with customized cabinets, the installation process might extend due to complexity. Standard cabinets often involve a relatively quicker installtion. Choosing to work with a professional cabinet installer can significantly expedite the process regardless of the cabinet type. Professionals streamline procedures, leveraging their expertise to efficiently tackle challenges. 

      How much does it cost to install kitchen cabinets?

      Wondering about the cost of getting cabinets installed? Well, it's a bit like putting together a puzzle. The price depends on a few factors. First, the materials used for the cabinets. Some woods or finishes cost more than others. Then, think about the size of your project. More cabinets mean more work, which can affect the cost. Complexity is another piece of the puzzle. If your cabinets need special designs or tricky adjustments, that can make things a bit pricier. Lastly, there's the labor - the skilled hands that do the installation. So, when asking 'How much? Remember to consider these parts of the puzzle: materials, size, how complicated the design is, and the skilled cabinet installers making it all happen. Each puzzle piece adds up, but in the end, you'll have your amazing cabinets, made just for you!

      How do I maintain my cabinets after installation?

      Congratulations on your new cabinets! Wondering how to keep them looking great and to preserve the life of your cabinets? After installation, caring for your cabinets is essential to ensure their longevity and beauty. Wellborn Cabinets, in particular, has a handy Care and Warranty Guide that offers valuable insights into their maintenance. Refer to this guide for instructions or visit our Cabinet Care section of the website. You can also purchase cleaning supplies for your wood door material cabinetry on our website. 

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