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      Cabinet Installation FAQs

      Why use a professional contractor for cabinet installation?

      Wellborn Cabinet recommends hiring a local professional cabinet contractor to protect your cabinet investment from errors and damage. To begin your cabinet installation, enter your zip code to find a Wellborn Authorized Contractor in your area. To help with cabinet installation, the Wellborn Cabinet Installation, Care, and Warranty Guide is also available.

      How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets?

      Cabinet installation depends on the type of cabinets and the number of cabinets to be installed. Customized cabinets may take longer to install than standard cabinets.

      How much does it cost to replace a cabinet?

      Prices vary depending on the service a professional contractor will need to provide to complete the job. There are many variations to replacing a cabinet that you may need to consider. Contact your local cabinet contractor for a quote on your process with cabinet replacement.

      How do I take care of my cabinets after they've been installed?

      Maintaining your cabinets is a vital step in keeping the life of your cabinets. The care of your cabinets can vary depending on the door material. To keep your cabinets in good condition, we recommend referring to Wellborn's Care and Warranty Guide or visiting the Cabinet Care section of the website. You can also purchase cleaning supplies for your wood door material cabinetry on our website.

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