Hickory Hardware™

Hickory Hardware®, a brand of Belwith-Keeler Décor Solutions and a Preferred Partner with Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., is well-known as a 120 year old company. Having been around since 1893, Hickory Hardware® integrates both design and technology to create both decorative and functional product collections that are competitively designed, inventive, and fresh. Below is a small view of their product offering with many more to see on the Hickory Hardware website.

Hickory Hardware® is well-known for their decorative hardware designs. As a brand of Belwith Keeler Décor Solutions, they are part of an industry-leading company of decorative and functional products. Style, quality, and details are important to Hickory Hardware. Click here to view the Hickory Hardware full catalog of hardware to find knobs and pulls for your new cabinetry.

Contact your local Wellborn Cabinet dealer for more details on Wellborn's partnership with Belwith Keeler.

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