Belwith Keeler™

Belwith Keeler®, is built upon the principles of delivering impeccable quality, and craftsmanship. Backed by 130-years of rich heritage, our vast, living archive of design serves as a blueprint for how we can plot our future, while honoring our legacy. Belwith Keeler's team of in-house designers create, craft, and reinvent hardware through time-honored methods that are becoming exceedingly rare in our fast-paced world.

Their kindred crew of diverse and in-house designers, master craftsmen, quality technicians, and customer service agents work relentlessly to honor the enduring Keeler legacy by continuing to uphold and drive forward their foundation of excellence.

Belwith Keeler scout and vet the latest trends from the fashion, furniture, and interior design industries. Inspiration is sourced everywhere, from home, to worlds afar. The spirit of this legacy survives in everything they do.

View the Belwith Keeler catalog of hardware to find cabinetry knobs and pulls for your kitchen or bath.

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