Practical Tips for Designing Your Master Bedroom and Bathroom

written by Kasey White
last updated: August 4, 2022

The master bedroom and bathroom are a significant feature of any house, but bedrooms are also somewhere to relax and rest. When designing your bedroom and bathroom, you should enjoy planning how your bedroom and bathroom will become a peaceful haven or relaxing space after a busy day.

Design Your Bedroom and Bathroom to Make Space Available

Master bedrooms are generally spacious. But the more you utilize your space with features like cabinets and closets and have a streamlined appearance, the larger your room will appear. In addition, space to store items will reduce clutter and make the room appear calm in nature. Take the opportunity to declutter before moving into a new room, so you start with only the needed items. Your bed will be a central feature, so check the mattress dimensions and ensure the room is not over or underwhelmed by the bed size.

Select the Storage Cabinets

When designing your bedroom and bathroom, remember cabinets and closet space are essential. First, they add style and elegance to the room, especially when coordinating with other furnishings and décor. You'll need to check out bathroom cabinets in addition to the main bedroom so you have all the storage you need and can move ahead with decorating. You can also choose any finishing touches to cabinetry, such as decorative handles or mirrors. And if you want something personalized or bespoke, you can add that to the design.

Cabinets can also be custom-made for awkward spaces, so if you have a problematic area of a room or want to streamline the appearance, cabinets are ideal. By getting an expert cabinet maker, like Wellborn Cabinet, Inc to look at the space, they can advise you on how they can adapt tricky corners and areas into some sleek storage. They'll also help you decide on the cabinet's design to suit your requirements and accommodate your storage needs.

bathroom design with white cabinets, mint color pop, and seated vanity

Choose a Color Scheme

When you are designing your bedroom and bathroom, your color scheme should look classy and calming. Garish colors can look out of place and do not create a restful environment. Instead, look for soft shades, and avoid acid tones. However, if you want a little color to add vibrancy, consider complementing your neutral tones with a bright pillow or contrasting lampshade. You can even add pops of color with your cabinetry. Your curtains or blinds should blend with the room, but consider the thickness of the fabric used. Blocking out light with thicker material will help you sleep better.

Bathroom colors should be neutral in tone and have sleek surfaces that are simple to clean. Tiling can complement the bedroom shades, so the space appears streamlined and classic in style. You can do that with bright-colored towels or accessories to add color contrast.

Under cabinetry lighting in bathroom with white cabinetry

Think Lighting When Designing Your Bedroom and Bathroom

You will need lighting to complement the new design of the room space, so keep that in mind when designing your bedroom and bathroom. Soft lighting is better for bedrooms. Avoid blue light from phones and electrical devices as it is known to disturb sleep patterns. You'll also need to consider where lighting could be focused, both in the bedroom and bathroom. For example, a bedside reading light is useful, and lit shaving mirrors are helpful in bathroom spaces. Some lighting can be adjusted for brightness to suit your requirements. Lighting placed at critical spots in the room separately or together can create the light you need and softer, relaxing tones.

Comfort is Vital

The master bedroom should be one of the most comfortable places in your home. When you design the room, think about your bed and whether you have the correct mattress dimensions and also the comfort level of your bedding. For example, you may choose a firm mattress for support. With a master bedroom, you could have space for a larger bed, so checking those mattress dimensions will be essential. Replace your pillows and check out the quality sheets, duvet covers, and bedspreads to create a comfortable and relaxing sleeping space in the main bedroom.

Add Finishing Touches

Once you have your furniture and cabinets in place in the master bedroom and bathroom, it's time to add the personal and finishing touches to create that unique haven for relaxing. Avoid clutter by having clear spaces and using the cabinets for most of the storage, including cosmetics, clothes, and personal items. However, a favorite painting or framed photo is a beautiful way to add a personalized touch to your room.

Creating a design for a master bedroom and bathroom is an exciting project where you can make the best use of a space and turn it into something that works for you. There are lots of inspirational ideas to start your thinking. By getting the best cabinets and furniture into your room, your new master suite will be a special place to enjoy and relax.

Article curtesy of Kiley Morrow.

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