Beautifully well-lit kitchens, baths, mudrooms, pantries, and offices are now easier than ever to accomplish. Cabinet lighting adds depth, dimension, and visual interest to a variety of spaces. An ideal lighting design goes beyond a centralized light fixture and includes multiple layers of lighting. Cabinet lighting enhances safety and reduces accidents in the kitchen or bath. Have you ever tried to walk in the kitchen at night trying to find a light switch to turn the light on, as you stomp your toes getting there in the dark? With LED cabinet lighting, they save you money on the energy bill, unlike plug-in lights. Since LED lighting is energy efficient you can be left on at night to retrieve those midnight snacks or late-night bathroom breaks.

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Interior Cabinet Lighting and Task Lighting Gallery

Browse our inspirational gallery selection for your cabinet lighting ideas for interior cabinet light and task lighting.

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

Wellborn Cabinet has partnered with Hafele to bring you the Loox Lighting program. Loox lighting offers a well-rounded selection of lighting. We pre-groove cabinetry for lighting, giving you the option to include a completely customizable lighting package in any Wellborn cabinetry design. There are different types of cabinet lighting that people tend to use based on location and needs. Think about the places and locations where your home could benefit from the addition of light. Choose the cabinet lighting type you prefer in your home.

LED Cabinet Lighting

The kitchen countertop is an important space in the kitchen that is used for your cooking workspace and for items to get easy access to supplies and utensils. LED cabinet lighting provides the extra light needed for a more usable workspace while adding visual interest and ambiance. LED lighting often offers a range of color temperatures, from daylight white to candlelight, plus many designs offer a variety of color changing and dimming options. LED emits less heat than other types of lighting.

Cabinet Puck Lights

Cabinet Puck lights provide a stylish lighting option for under-cabinet lighting. Puck lights are perfect for display cases or accent lighting. These lights are designed for smaller areas to highlight decorative objective objects or where strip lighting is impractical, including inside and under cabinets and counters.

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Under Cabinet Lighting Colors

Lighting is a key element in kitchen & bath designs. Prepping cabinets for lighting is one of the many advancements Wellborn Cabinet is making to assure clean and consistent lines throughout the design. Proper illumination can make or break the look and functionality of your room. When using lighting consider the balance of lighting with the color cabinetry and wall colors of the area.

Tape light is also known as strip light is great for under cabinet lighting to accent those special areas of the home. Setting the lighting color with a warm white tone makes a great focal point for your kitchen. With the Loox LED lighting system, it’s easy to develop and plan light ideas. LED lighting under cabinets provides a flexible alternative to other lighting options. With a comprehensive selection of options, a kitchen can achieve unique lighting effects and workspace functionality. From wide-angle beams to more focused spotlights LED lights can offer flexible options to meet many needs.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting is focused lighting that helps complete a certain task like reading, writing, crafting, cooking, etc. It makes it easier to perform your work or task. Loox under cabinet lighting applications can be integrated with switches that turn on or off when drawers are opened and closed. Motion detection switches are also available and useful in under cabinet LED applications.

Photo of kitchen with task lighting installed. 
                                                    The lighting is installed under the cabinets 
                                                    and focused on the countertop. Reducing eye strain.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. It can be used to add depth and dimension to a kitchen or bathroom, create focal points, or spotlight a possession. It is important to do accent lighting right, which means subtly. You want people to notice your possession, not the lighting.

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Photo of kitchen with task lighting installed. 
                                                The lighting is installed under the cabinets 
                                                and focused on the countertop. Reducing eye strain.
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