Preston Swincher

December 1, 2015
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. National Sales Meeting was on November 11, 2015. Wellborn Cabinet hosts an annual sales meeting with the sales team to go over the new and upcoming products, sales goals, company programs and other related topics. The guest speaker was Preston Swincher from Dallas, Texas. He spoke about how each generation views his/her job and home, and how each generation has a different insight on life. Swincher studies each generation to figure out what makes each group significant. He focused on the millennials (Generation Y) and how they look for beautiful cabinetry, and spoke about the extent of research will they endure. He informed the team that Generation Y likes simplicity and ready to-go cabinetry. They like for cabinetry to be laid out for them, in order to make it easy to visualize what they want in their home. His ingenious humor created a powerful motivational speech to help encourage and enlighten our sales team to take steps that will appeal to every generation, which will help reassure customers that quality is what each individual needs in cabinetry.

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