KBIS 2016 Set 15: Creative Cave

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. brings their Whole Home Design Solutions to KBIS 2016 in the form of a Creative Cave. This room is designed to appeal to both men and women with the use of the natural cherry wood tone accompanied by the deep blue painted cabinetry. The room embodies function with several organization features that range from tool trays to a sewing machine rollout table, making this room a pastime paradise. Function: All items are easy to locate because of the organization and lighting the cabinetry provides to the cave. Besides the rolling tool cabinet, this space features a wardrobe tube kit and pants rack built inside the cabinet to serve as a wrapping paper wall mount system, paper divider and wire basket pullouts. This room is designed for function. About the Design:This room flows equally masculine and feminine by the simplicity of the cabinet styles. The New Natural Cherry cabinet towers from Wellborn Closet provide a variable height difference. The door style is Bishop Bleu from Wellborn’s Premier Series and the mixed metal hardware advances the gender neutral theme. The surprise element of the room comes in the form of the barn doors, giving this Creative Cave a contemporary and playful design that easily makes this space a family favorite.

KBIS 2016 Set 11: Refined Yet Functional

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is introducing our new Porcelain paint at KBIS 2016. This classic white paint has grey undertones which allows this color to transition with time. Inspired by European style, this kitchen is a showstopper. Design:This timeless kitchen is created by using cabinetry from our Estate Collection and one of our newest door styles, Trestle, which is composed of Medium Density Fiberboard that is made for painting. The solid brass round knobs incorporated in the design complements the contrasting floor tiles giving this design a modern rustic feel. The marbled countertops and backsplash tie everything in and provide a luxury touch. Function:This polarizing design not only embodies sophistication, it brings the meaning of function to a new level. The cabinetry base is equipped with a Pot and Pan Pullout, along with a Deep Drawer Base. The cabinetry above the sink features a Horizontal Double Door Lift with the touch to open feature and automatic closing option maximizing the storage space and making this kitchen a model to emulate for years to come. About Porcelain:White is a transitional color that can evolve with time, any color tone, or hue palette. Porcelain is clean; appealing to the eyes; refined yet organic; like a gallery wall waiting to be decorated by any one at any time entailing truly classic charm.

KBIS 2016 Set 1: It's a Jungle Out There

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has used the vibrant and chaotic characteristics of life as inspiration for this accessory kitchen that will be shown front and center at KBIS 2016. The jungle jewel tone green is displayed on Wellborn’s Estate Collection and made possible with ColorInspire. A mixture of raised and recessed panels, along with the zebra patterned tile give this wild design an eclectic feel that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. The design mixes not only patterns and colors, but metals as well. The Edison light bulbs are housed in natural brass cafe pendant light fixtures that complement the simple geometric brass hardware by award-winning designer, Lewis Dolin. Click Press Release Link for full press release.

NEW! Porcelain Paint

January 8, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is excited to announce that beginning on May 2, 2016, we will be offering our Porcelain paint in Wellborn’s Premier Series. Porcelain is a white paint with grey undertones. The paint will be available on Maple, Character Maple, Oak, Hickory and Medium Density Fiberboard. It will also be available on Cherry and Character Cherry with finish techniques. White is a transitional color that can evolve with time, any color tone, or hue palette. Porcelain is clean; appealing to the eyes; refined yet organic; like a gallery wall waiting to be decorated by any one at any time entailing truly classic charm.

Never Fear ColorInspire is Here in the Premier Series

January 8, 2016
Come July 11, 2016, our Premier Series line will be offering the ColorInspire program. This incredible opportunity will allow consumers to pick and choose the paint of their choice at a competitive price point. The program will offer a broad selection of colors from the following trusted brands: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Valspar making the color possibilities endless!

You Draw It Program

January 8, 2016
The Premier Series now has a program called the You Draw It Program offering of cabinets and modifications not currently shown in the Premier Series catalog including the following: -Special Sizes -Custom Options -Modifications -Special Cabinets  To price your custom cabinet, present your request and drawing to your Customer Service Representative. A price will be sent to you in three business days of request, provided all information needed is on the initial request. Response time can vary depending on the information needed for product engineering and pricing. An additional 4 cabinets from the Premier brand are required to be on the order to qualify for the cabinet to be produced. You Draw It Program does not include special finishes and door profiles not included in the current Premier catalog. Available May 2, 2016.

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