KBIS 2016 Set 21: Multi-function Haven

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is introducing a gorgeous multifunctional exhibit at KBIS 2016. This vignette is composed of a You Draw It tall cabinet with pocket doors and accessory storage hanger that was designed to house an all-in-one washer/dryer unit, along with an adjacent tower designed for the family pet. Pet Center: The tall cabinet provides a nook for a bed allowing the pet to fit comfortably inside to rest. Below the nook, is a touch to open drawer providing storage space for the pet’s bowls and treats. About the Design: This exhibit features our Premier Series Winslow door style in Oak, finished with Dove paint and Pewter glaze. Dividing the two tall cabinet towers is the countertop/folding area designed with the Winslow door style in Oak finished with a Shadow stain and Pewter glaze. The Satin Summer Grey color incorporates the metal color trend seen prominently in designs throughout Europe.

KBIS 2016 Set 20: Cascading Drawers

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is presenting cascading drawers at KBIS 2016. This beautiful piece is a bank of drawers with various compartments for every culinary connoisseur. Hide your spices, cooking utensils and your zest peelers in this all-in-one ease of access place. About the Design: These drawers will provide storage for the everyday uses in the kitchen or in any room of the home. The twist of a traditional to transitional style helps release the beauty of the cabinetry while the brushed silver thermafoil countertops give this piece a unique water fall design complemented by the stainless steel toe kick. The door style is Winslow, with a Shadow stain and Pewter glaze on Maple. The contemporary knobs on the drawers allow for a modern look to come through on a traditional style. Function: This design features full extension drawers and soft close hinges, allowing for maximum storage space and ease of use. The countertops provide an easy to clean prep area at various levels of height.

KBIS 2016 Set 19.1: Island in the Stream

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is displaying this beautiful island at KBIS 2016 that was created through our Premier Series line. This transitional design is made by using traditional profiles and historic color combinations, along with the contemporary metal and glass accents. Wellborn’s Premier Series Sandia door style in Hickory is finished with a Dove paint and Pewter glaze giving the island a metallic look. The base cabinetry features metal drawer fronts with glass inserts and interior lighting that will beautifully display the contents inside. Countertop: To promote function, the End Grain Construction countertop is engineered for direct food preparation.

KBIS 2016 Set 19: A Chef's Dream

January 11, 2016
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is bringing yet another stunning kitchen to KBIS 2016! This transitional kitchen brings together the warmth of the cabinetry with a contemporary feel that could be found inside the home or out by the pool. Aesthetics:This elegantly designed kitchen incorporates our Sandia door style, from Wellborn’s Estate Collection, with a Drift paint and Pewter glaze. The traditional profiles, historic color combinations and contemporary metal and glass accents all come together to form the transitional style of this kitchen. The indoor/outdoor Makai countertops, the single handle pull-down kitchen faucet, along with the Royal Blue paint give this kitchen its own unique style. About the Design:The kitchen was inspired by the Pacific-Northwest Transitional style that is trending for 2016. This kitchen features numerous accessory kits that promote function, like the base stainless steel peg pullout drawer, perfect for hanging knives and other kitchen utensils.

KBIS 2016: Set 18 Nostalgic Charm

January 11, 2016
Banquettes have been trending in the design world for the last few years, therefore Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is excited to bring you a modern twist on the ever-so-popular banquette style of seating areas. Cabinetry can be used in many different ways and with Wellborn’s You Draw It program the possibilities are endless. This program allows you to personalize or enhance your Estate and Premier cabinetry with a stunning custom focal point or cabinet design, as this entire room displays. About the Design: This room is designed in Wellborn’s Premier Series with painted oak, which highlights the intricate details of the wood’s grain pattern. The color is Dove complemented with a Pewter Glaze, which gives it a metallic look, and the door style is Wellborn’s Chelsea. The room features a custom tall utility cabinet with a electronic charging station. The custom universal tall cabinet features rollout shelves, perfect for storage while conveying functionality in its finest form. The bench seats are divided with linen drawers, giving this room a plethora of storage options. This room is the perfect way to optimize your seating capacity in the kitchen and is an efficient way to go about informal dining. Banquettes provide the intimacy and camaraderie that restaurant booths offer, but can now be found in your home.

Set 16 at KBIS 2016: A Royal Bathroom

January 11, 2016
ColorInspire allows your inspiration to come to life at Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. This gorgeous deep purple bathroom from our Elegant Bath Collection will be featured at KBIS 2016. About the Design This mixed medium design is achieved by using a Geneva door style in Maple with a modern paint color and wrapping the cabinetry in Natural Cherry Panels. The Natural Cherry wrap gives framed cabinetry the appearance of a frameless design. The sink base and linen tower float above the Rare Vintage, Driftwood Oak Laminate flooring with the help of Wellborn’s Modena Wall Mount Suite. This room continues to boast contemporary and contrasting colors with backsplash made out of Wellborn’s Medium Density Fiberboard panels in Dove. Inspiration The Valspar paint trends for 2016 are inspired by the classic jewel tones. Stroll back in time to the Renaissance Art Age, when the rich, deep purple tones represented royalty. The coming out of the dark age, interprets the dark color purple, which in turns, displays security and affirmation.The twilight shadows lingering at dusk precedes a mysterious yet quiet feel. The calming, tranquility of a summer night inspires the world of colors. Function This beautiful vignette has many accessory kits that will help keep the bathroom organized. A metal basket door hanger has been installed for storing hair appliances, along with a metal bin for cosmetics. The vanity tall linen cabinet houses a pull out a floating accessory mirror. Lastly, under cabinet lighting has been added, making this room a favorite in any home.

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