Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Announces 14th Annual Dream Kitchen Makeover

March 20, 2017
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is proud to announce the 14th annual Dream Kitchen Makeover contest. The winner will receive a beautiful Wellborn Cabinet kitchen with a retail value of $12,000.00! Entrants may register daily between March 20th 2017 and August 22nd 2017. Since 1961, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has been manufacturing quality kitchen and bath cabinetry in Ashland, Alabama. It all began in a small cabinet shop to build cabinets for the local markets. Since that time, Wellborn has become a state of the art manufacturing facility of over 2 million square feet that combines some of the most advanced technology systems in the industry. With over 55 years of acquired knowledge and experience in high quality cabinetry craftsmanship, Wellborn Cabinet is sure to impress!

Islands in The Stream

March 14, 2017
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. has been transforming cabinetry for decades. From breathtaking kitchen cabinetry to cabinetry in living rooms, laundry rooms and much more; the Wellborn product has never lacked in style, function and durability. As the years have come and gone, so has trends in the kitchen and bath industry. With recent years trending towards convenience and creative style, a desire for more storage and organization features has increased 58% compared to two years prior (according to Ricki Research Designers Talk Trends). Also 60% of designers are expecting island cabinetry to be designed using different materials, textures and colors than what is featured within the selected kitchens base cabinetry.

Trending In The Sheen Direction

March 2, 2017
A trend toward lower, matte sheen can be seen across the cabinet industry. In response to this, a lower sheen is now standard on all Wellborn Cabinet products on Stains, Stains with Glazes, Paints and Paints with Glazes for all available wood species and MDF door styles. Although stains and paints enrich your cabinetry, the topcoats are the neglected heroes that make your cabinets stand out among the rest. The gloss or sheen level of the topcoat works with the stain or paint to bring out the wood grain or add everlasting shine.

Advancing With Technology

February 16, 2017
ASHLAND, AL — Available now, the Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. mobile app allows you to find the perfect cabinetry for every room of your new construction or remodel. Users are able to browse by room, style, material, product line, door style, finish and finish technique, which makes finding exactly what you need a breeze. The style board features a sharing option which allows users to share their favorite Wellborn design with designers, contractors, friends or Wellborn dealer.

Efficiency In The Kitchen

February 1, 2017
Kitchens are notorious for excessive disorganization that hinders from finding anything without searching every cabinet and drawer in the room. Save time and money by adding a little organization to your cabinetry with the below accessories offered through Wellborn Cabinet Inc.

A Modernistic Masterpiece

December 30, 2016
Clean lines, crisp edges, and coordinating colors give this kitchen its convincingly modern look. Wellborn Cabinet Inc. is proud to introduce this design at KBIS 2017, featuring Aspire Cabinetry. Aspire Cabinetry is the new Full Access Frameless line by Wellborn Cabinet Inc. Set to launch in the first quarter of 2017, Aspire Cabinetry is sure to add the finishing touches to the mountain of product currently available with Wellborn Cabinet Inc. Let your eye sweep the room as you first glance at this modernistic masterpiece. Pay close attention to the detail: The parallel in design between the top upper cabinets and the wooden section of the peninsula – each cascading from top to bottom. The creativity used to balance the design of this vignette; not allowing one color or material to dominate the other. The continuous line across the top of the cabinetry corresponding with the stainless-steel bar running laterally along the way. This cutting-edge kitchen is stylish, yet functional in nature. With the entire kitchen outfitted with the Touch To Open technology and Deep Storage Pullout Drawers to provide ample storage, this kitchen was designed for the chef in mind. The Midtown Gloss Marine provides a polished tone to the soft Arcadia Cotton Pine while the Midtown Matte Graphite grounds the design.

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