Luxe Master Suite

January 15, 2020
Any bathroom color must give you a sense of cleanliness and freshness, and mint is certainly a color that feels very refreshing. The designer calls this space an upgraded apartment during the Industrial Revolution from New York City with its maintained architectural elements. This bathroom suite is dressed in Wellborn’s innovative Aspire collection, the full access frameless line of cabinetry. It has an exceedingly traditional atmosphere with hints of modern features, an altered space with character, stylish design, and cool touches. In this ritzy space, one can’t help but take hours to get ready because why leave such a luxurious area.

Modern French Bistro

January 15, 2020
Along with the current white kitchen trend, this kitchen fits in perfectly with its twist on the blue color palette. This kitchen is an updated version of an old idea, with traditional subway tiles and color play on the blue tones. As part of Wellborn’s Estate Series, this kitchen combines a unique twist of an old French Café and modern traditional elements, making the aesthetic design of this kitchen guaranteed to leave you in awe. Modern French styling is a mix of antique French, shabby chic, and farmhouse interior design elements full of relaxed, mature appeal.

Farmhouse Cottage

January 15, 2020
Cozy, happy, and unpretentious, a farmhouse-cottage kitchen harks back to simpler times and evokes a sense of comfortable, carefree living. Beadboard, soft colors, vintage hardware, wood floors, and colorful accents will infuse the cottage comfort. The styling is focused on carefree living, where every element conspires to create a casual environment for comfort and relaxation. It’s the natural, simplistic, calming design elements that make this style so appealing.

Doggy Spa and Laundry Room

January 15, 2020
The sky is the limit when it comes to the laundry room. Here the designer kept the fur-babies at the center of this design. The ability to complete all laundry needs, and have a personalized space for pets, keeps the home functioning at the capability the family needs. In this multifunctional space, the contemporary styling was implemented throughout with recessed panels, simple tiling, and sleek hardware.

European Minimalistic Kitchen

January 15, 2020
The design of this kitchen has a modern contemporary European aura, with its crisp, clean lines and attention-grabbing color. The designer pulled inspiration from the European way of life; aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality. European styling doesn’t worry about characterless kitchen design, though – they have a habit of turning rooms into showcases. Common amongst European styling is a clutter-free space, and in doing so, everything is hidden behind the cabinet doors. Being able to conceal everyday kitchen essentials allows for the kitchen to become another room for entertaining. In contemporary styling, open space is often just as valuable as the pieces you put in the area.

Rustic Global Spice

January 15, 2020
Primitive and cozy – but with an edge – this Mediterranean-Moroccan influenced kitchen makes a statement and is tied together with a rustic feel. Moroccan styling brings intricately designed woods and mosaic patterns into this kitchen. The Mediterranean styling brings wrought iron and sand-textured walls to add visual depth into this kitchen. Mediterranean-style ranges from simply functional to extremely formal; on the other hand, Moroccan-style ranges from exotic elements to elegantly mysterious fundamentals. The designer used both unique styles and blended them into one ethnically diverse kitchen. The exposed wood beams, tri-color cabinetry, and a mix of metals give this kitchen the details it needs. The designer used warm gray tones in the cabinetry perfectly accenting the ethnic flare.

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