Tips for Measuring Your Space

What You'll Need:

Tools and Supplies

  • Tape measure (minimum 25 feet)
  • Straight edge or ruler
  • Calculator
  • Cell Phone (measuring apps)
  • Graph paper (Download)
  • Pencil
measure kitchen space
Steps to Measuring a Kitchen

Learning how to measure a kitchen isn’t particularly difficult; however, you’ll want to take these tips into account to maximize your efficiency and minimize the hassle.

Step 1. Sketch an Outline of your Kitchen on Graph Paper.
  • Before you start taking measurements, use a ruler to draw the outside edge, or perimeter, of your kitchen on a piece of graph paper. Scaling and perfection of the lines aren’t crucial in your drawing because you’ll add actual measurements.
  • Pretend that you’re looking at the room from a bird’s-eye view to create a set of rough kitchen plans that will make sense once you add more details like your sink and appliances.
Step 2. Draw in Windows and Entrances.
  • Marking off the kitchen windows, doors, and hallway entrances is a key step to make sure you take every factor into account when doing a remodeling project.
  • Include the trim. When measuring doors and windows, the casing is considered part of the door or window. Measure from one side to the other of the door or window trim, then measure from the outside of the trim to the middle of the window or door.
kitchen planner
Step 3. Mark all Electrical Outlets and Switches.
  • Make notations on your graph paper of every electrical outlet, light switch, or lighting fixture involved in your kitchen remodeling project.
Step 4. Mark All Plumbing Lines (Supply & Drain)
  • Make notations of every supply line for water and gas, and drain line for water, measure these to the nearest wall.
  • Note whether sink drain goes into floor or wall.
measure kitchen plumbing
Step 5. Mark All Appliances
  • Measure the center of the appliance to the nearest wall.
  • If you are reusing any of your appliances, measure the width and height and share the make and model with your Wellborn Cabinet dealer/designer.
measure kitchen appliance
Step 6. Measure the Room
  • Measuring a kitchen is a job best done with two people—with one holding the base of the tape measure and the other extending it. You’ll want to start from one corner and go around the space, taking horizontal measurements that span the entire length and width of the kitchen’s outer edges, measuring clockwise around the room.
  • Once you’ve got those dimensions, go back and mark out distances between door openings, windows, and cabinetry until you have a complete top-down picture of the room.
  • If you’re measuring for countertops, you’ll want to note where the old sink is and where you plan to put your new kitchen sink based on the plumbing and how you will mount the faucets.
  • Remember: Knowing the center point of your sink, stove and any windows allows you to correctly position the cabinets that surround them.
Step 7: Be Flexible
  • As you get into the advanced stages of designing your kitchen, priorities will likely change. Maybe your Wellborn Cabinet dealer/designer points out a potential upgrade that you just must have, or perhaps you realize you need to move a wall or lighting fixture to make room for a central island and seating area.
  • Maintaining a flexible approach to a kitchen remodel and any home remodeling project, will help you immensely in the end.
kitchen planning
Step 8: Double-Check Your Measurements
  • “Measure twice, cut once." A favorite proverb in the construction industry and a true one as well. Double checking, triple-checking measurements is absolutely fine to do and can possibly save everyone from potential problems further into the design process.
  • Please remember these are preliminary measurements and a professional should remeasure your space before any orders are placed for cabinetry, appliances, countertops, etc.
  • Remember the best-laid plans start with accurate measurements!
Disclaimer: Steps and Tips for Measuring Your Space are from various home services websites:
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