Choose Your Kitchen Layout Design Style

Your kitchen layout is crucial to the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen, it helps determine the overall flow & function of your kitchen. Your work triangle, work zones, cabinetry storage, seating and traffic flow are all very important factors to consider when designing your kitchen. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, choose a kitchen layout that works best for your space and needs!

G-Shape Kitchen

  • Partial fourth wall or peninsula that turns a U-shape into a G
  • Ample storage and countertop space
  • Recommended for open concept style homes
  • Wall cabinets on the sides without a peninsula can maximize the use of the room
  • Peninsula can also double as a dining area to save space.
  • Medium-sized G-shaped kitchens, its important to ensure a practical work triangle setup and allow for comfortable movement for two or more people.

The L-Shape Kitchen

  • Practical option for both small and large kitchens
  • Features cabinets along two perpendicular walls and offers flexibility in the placement of appliances and work zones
  • Creative corner cabinet solutions available
  • Versatile choice for open multi-use spaces
  • Islands are an excellent choice for these layouts

One-Wall Kitchen

  • Most economical
  • Great for apartments and tiny homes
  • Plumbing located on one wall and take up very little space
  • Counter space is limited and storage is at a minimum

U-Shape Kitchen

  • Most efficient layout
  • Ideal for larger kitchens
  • Ample storage and countertop space
  • Great workflow for multiple users

Galley (Parallel) Kitchen

  • Classical layout also characterized by two parallel countertops separated by a walking area
  • Found in older homes
  • Ideal for smaller kitchens
  • Typically does not have a dining area
  • While not the best layout for entertaining it is a wonderful layout for a second prep-area or working pantry

Island Kitchen

  • Depending upon the space available an island works with any kitchen layout and adds so much to the overall design
  • Can add more storage space
  • Additional work zone
  • Possible dining spot all within a few feet
  • An area to add a personal touch or a pop of color to your kitchen
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