Budget Estimator

Kitchen remodeling projects can be expensive due to the complexity of the room, which involves electrical, plumbing, appliances, and built-ins. However, planning a budget for a kitchen remodel can be done by considering factors such as the quality of materials, custom elements, modifications, finishes, and labor market availability. It is possible to budget for these factors, with the correct plan and guidance, you can create the kitchen of your dreams!

Where to begin?

Begin with our Remodeling Budget Estimator for a simple rule-of-thumb budget, also known as a rough budget, this gives you a glimpse into the cost of your kitchen or bath, based on industry standards*.

By sharing your budget and project goals with your Wellborn Cabinet Dealer/Designer, they are on their way to creating the kitchen or bath of your dreams!
budget estimator
*Our Remodeling Budget Estimator provides a rough estimate of the potential cost of your project based on information derived from various Home Services Websites (Home Advisor, Angi, Houzz) but DOES NOT replace the actual quotes from all suppliers / companies quoting your project and your Wellborn Dealer / Designer.

Remodeling Budget Estimator

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