Wellborn Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

Wellborn laundry storage cabinets are designed to complement your lifestyle and accommodate your laundry room needs by adding usable storage space. Customized with accessories, hardware, and the door style of your choice. Wellborn offers laundry room wall and base cabinets in a variety of stains and painted finishes from Bright White to Onyx Black. If you can't locate the exact painted finish that you are looking for, ask your local Wellborn Dealer about our ColorInspire Program.

Laundry Room Accessories and Organizer Systems

Including laundry room organizer systems, and accessories into your laundry design will increase functionality and help to keep it organized. Wellborn offers a wide variety of laundry room shelving, cabinets, and accessories for you to choose from. Your Local Wellborn Dealer can help you create a laundry room that looks attractive and works for you!

The Best Cabinets For A Laundry Room

Place laundry room wall storage cabinets or storage shelves above your washer and dryer for storing all of your laundry supplies like laundry detergent, pre-cleaners, dryer sheets, and other laundry chemicals. This keeps them out of the reach of small children, but still within easy reach of where they are used.

One of the best cabinets for a laundry room is hampered cabinetry. Laundry hampers should be next to the washer and dryer. If space allows, including 2 to 3 of these in a laundry room is an excellent way to hide dirty clothes from sight while presorting on laundry day. Label them dark, light, and stained and have everyone presort their dirty clothes into the appropriate hamper upon arrival in the laundry room. Placing a countertop on top of the hamper cabinets provides a place to fold clean clothing when it comes out of the dryer.

Cubbies or shelves with wicker baskets with labels should be placed by the hamper cabinets, these are ideal for undergarments, socks, and other items to be stored until they are taken to the room they belong in. Beside the cubbies place two hanging rods to hang clothes properly. The bottom one should be placed high enough to allow for a formal dress to be placed without touching the floor. This will allow you to rack these items as soon as they are removed from the dryer to avoid additional wrinkles. The next hanging rod should be placed above the first one - it will be used to store empty hangers for use as needed. It should be placed high enough above the other rod to allow a few inches between the hangers and the items on the next rod. You can even add an ironing board cabinet into your design and get rid of the old one you have propped up in a corner of the closet.

Explore all the accessory categories on this page for accessories that can be used to customize your laundry room even further to meet your needs.

Laundry Rooms That Do Double Duty

Does your Laundry room need to include pet feeding areas, pet bed areas, or mudroom cabinetry and accessories? Wellborn can accommodate all your needs. Be sure to discuss these laundry room ideas with your Wellborn dealer / designer. They can assist you in creating a room to fit all of your needs.

Laundry Room Lighting

Ask your local Wellborn dealer for suggestions on ways to assure ample lighting for your laundry room design ideas.


What Items Should Be In a Laundry Room?

Organizing all of the items needed in the laundry room makes doing laundry more convenient, easy, and maybe even enjoyable. Stock your laundry room with essential supplies such as detergents, bleach, stain removers, and dryer sheets. Other items to add to utilizing your laundry room space are cleaning supplies, a garbage can, and ironing supplies.

How do I Organize My Laundry Room Area?

If we are honest, laundry is at the top of your list of least favorite chores. Have you ever thought about making your laundry room more organized and welcoming? Adding cabinetry and shelving to the laundry room area is a great way to give you the space and organization that is needed to place all your laundry room items. If you have that small space beside your washing and dryer that you don't know what to fill it with try adding our Vanity Filler Pullout to give you more storage.

What Are Some Examples of Laundry Accessories?

Laundry accessories can be many types of items, such as cabinets, shelves, racks, and wastebaskets. Wellborn offers many different laundry room accessories you can choose from. Add our Vanity Hamper cabinet to hide your laundry from view.

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