Wellborn's Design Contests Winners

Inspired Design Creations by Wellborn Partners

Step into a world where design dreams come true! Explore the awe-inspiring creations of our design contest winners, brought to life by the partners at Wellborn Cabinets. Whether you're crafting a new haven or revitalizing your space, let our award-winning designs ignite your imagination!

Experience the height of innovation as our expert panel handpicks the very best in kitchen and room design across a range of categories. From expansive kitchens to close knit spaces, witness the transformation with captivating before and afters that promise to stir your creativity. 

Delve into a realm where every detail matters, from safety and ergonomics to the seamless integration of elements and principles of design. Unleash your inner designer and be inspired by the ingenuity and flair showcased in our contest winners' creations. Welcome to the world of Wellborn Cabinets Design Contest Winners, where inspiration know no bounds! 
Contest Categories:
  • Large Kitchens (More than 42 sq. ft. of countertops)
  • Small Kitchens (Less than 42 sq. ft. of countertops)
  • Bathrooms
  • Other Rooms (Butler's Pantry, Entertainment Center, Home Office, Closets, Mud Room, etc.)
These designs were judged on five main criterias:
  • Safety & Ergonomics
  • Elements & Principles of Design
  • Design Planning
  • Creativity
  • Presentation
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