January 6, 2023 to
December 31, 2023

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Creating a Kitchen Makeover

The heart of a home is the kitchen and making that the place to be is a must. A kitchen needs to be functional and stylish. It can be a complete game changer for your everyday life. That is why it is important to decide what style you wish to have in your home. Is it clean, modern, or traditional? There are so many options to choose from, so take your time to find the right fit for you. Look around our inspirational gallery and find the perfect design that captures your personality.

Giving Your Cabinets a Makeover

Redoing your kitchen can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Cabinets are the body of a kitchen, which makes picking out the best hardware a big responsibility. Wellborn Cabinet offers many styles to fit your needs, all the way from our Estate series to our Aspire cabinetry. Take into consideration the construction type of the cabinets such as framed or frameless. Framed cabinets are more of the traditional style, they have a face frame around the cabinet opening. Now, frameless cabinets showcase the European style. It has no face frame. Learn more about the difference between Framed and Frameless cabinets.

Selecting a New Door Style

Maybe you are looking for that sleek contemporary look or the loveable farmhouse design. Picking the best suited door style can really revamp the kitchen entirely. The type of door style could be the traditional-overlay that covers the frame partially or it could be the full-overlay doors that cover the entire cabinet.

Choosing a Color for Your Kitchen Makeover

The right color can really elevate your kitchen design. When it comes to choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets the options are endless. The perfect color can open the space or even add that elegant touch you may be looking for. Some popular colors are white and dark gray. It can make the space feel bright and open. It is also important to note that each kitchen reacts to natural light differently. So, take how much natural light your kitchen gets into consideration before deciding the color.

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