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Bristol Oak

Bristol Oak cabinet door finished in Ginger with a Slab Drawer Front Standard - Product line id was not supplied.

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Character Cherry

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Character Maple

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Bristol as shown on left: above:

Door Style Name: Bristol

Material: Oak

Finishes: Ginger

Door Construction: Cope and Tenon

Door Style: Recessed Square

Finish Category: Stains

Door Overlay: Full Overlay

Drawer Front: Slab Drawer Front Standard

    Product Lines:

  •     Premier Series

  •     Elegant Bath

  •     Estate Series

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Oak Stains:

Finish: Blush sample chip
Finish: Caramel sample chip
Finish: Coffee sample chip
Finish: Cranberry sample chip
Finish: Dark sample chip
Finish: Drift sample chip
Finish: Espresso sample chip
Finish: Gauntlet sample chip
Finish: Ginger sample chip
Finish: Hazelnut sample chip
Finish: Light sample chip
Finish: Medium sample chip
Finish: Natural sample chip
Finish: Sable sample chip
Finish: Saddle sample chip
Finish: Shadow sample chip
Finish: Shale sample chip
Finish: Sienna sample chip
Finish: Suede sample chip

Oak Stains with Glaze:

Finish: Blush Charcoal sample chip
Blush Charcoal
Finish: Blush Java sample chip
Blush Java
Finish: Caramel Java sample chip
Caramel Java
Finish: Cocoa Java sample chip
Cocoa Java
Finish: Cranberry Charcoal sample chip
Cranberry Charcoal
Finish: Drift Java sample chip
Drift Java
Finish: Drift Pewter sample chip
Drift Pewter
Finish: Drift Slate sample chip
Drift Slate
Finish: Evergreen Java sample chip
Evergreen Java
Finish: Gauntlet Charcoal sample chip
Gauntlet Charcoal
Finish: Gauntlet Java sample chip
Gauntlet Java
Finish: Ginger Charcoal sample chip
Ginger Charcoal
Finish: Ginger Java sample chip
Ginger Java
Finish: Hazelnut Charcoal sample chip
Hazelnut Charcoal
Finish: Honey Java sample chip
Honey Java
Finish: Light Java sample chip
Light Java
Finish: Light Slate sample chip
Light Slate
Finish: Natural Slate sample chip
Natural Slate
Finish: Nutmeg Java sample chip
Nutmeg Java
Finish: Sable Charcoal sample chip
Sable Charcoal
Finish: Saddle Charcoal sample chip
Saddle Charcoal
Finish: Saddle Java sample chip
Saddle Java
Finish: Shadow Charcoal sample chip
Shadow Charcoal
Finish: Shadow Pewter sample chip
Shadow Pewter
Finish: Shale Granite sample chip
Shale Granite
Finish: Shale Mocha sample chip
Shale Mocha
Finish: Sienna Charcoal sample chip
Sienna Charcoal
Finish: Suede Charcoal sample chip
Suede Charcoal

Oak Paints:

Finish: Aqua sample chip
Finish: Bleu sample chip
Finish: Bright White sample chip
Bright White
Finish: Creme sample chip
Finish: Divinity sample chip
Finish: Dove sample chip
Finish: Glacier sample chip
Finish: Gray Mist sample chip
Gray Mist
Finish: Mink Gray sample chip
Mink Gray
Finish: Mint sample chip
Finish: Olive sample chip
Finish: Onyx sample chip
Finish: Oyster White sample chip
Oyster White
Finish: Pebble sample chip
Finish: Sandstone sample chip
Finish: Sapphire sample chip
Finish: Willow sample chip

Oak Paints with Glaze:

Finish: Aqua Granite sample chip
Aqua Granite
Finish: Aqua Java sample chip
Aqua Java
Finish: Bleu Java sample chip
Bleu Java
Finish: Bright White Java sample chip
Bright White Java
Finish: Creme Mocha sample chip
Creme Mocha
Finish: Creme Slate sample chip
Creme Slate
Finish: Divinity Java sample chip
Divinity Java
Finish: Dove Java sample chip
Dove Java
Finish: Dove Pewter sample chip
Dove Pewter
Finish: Dove Slate sample chip
Dove Slate
Finish: Glacier Java sample chip
Glacier Java
Finish: Glacier Pewter sample chip
Glacier Pewter
Finish: Gray Mist Granite sample chip
Gray Mist Granite
Finish: Gray Mist Java sample chip
Gray Mist Java
Finish: Mink Gray Granite sample chip
Mink Gray Granite
Finish: Mink Gray Java sample chip
Mink Gray Java
Finish: Mint Granite sample chip
Mint Granite
Finish: Mint Java sample chip
Mint Java
Finish: Olive Mocha sample chip
Olive Mocha
Finish: Olive Pewter sample chip
Olive Pewter
Finish: Oyster White Granite sample chip
Oyster White Granite
Finish: Oyster White Java sample chip
Oyster White Java
Finish: Pebble Java sample chip
Pebble Java
Finish: Pebble Pewter sample chip
Pebble Pewter
Finish: Sandstone Pewter sample chip
Sandstone Pewter
Finish: Sandstone Slate sample chip
Sandstone Slate
Finish: Sapphire Granite sample chip
Sapphire Granite
Finish: Sapphire Java sample chip
Sapphire Java
Finish: Willow Java sample chip
Willow Java
Finish: Willow Slate sample chip
Willow Slate

* Not all door styles, materials and finishes are available in all lines. Actual colors may vary from the images you see here. Please visit your local dealer to see actual products.

Finish Techniques

Aspire, Premier, Estate, Elegant Baths and Wellborn Closets offer several Finish Techniques** that create different levels of effects creating worn appearances. The Finish Techniques will vary within individual doors; therefore, no two doors will be alike throughout the entire kitchen.

Each piece on the cabinet will vary in the amount of level and appearance in each effect creating a randomness of appearance. The Finish Techniques will vary within individual doors; therefore, no two doors will be alike throughout the entire kitchen. See your Local Dealer for availability. Read More about Wellborn Finish Techniques

** Not all Finish Techniques are available on all door styles or finishes.


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