Hardwoods offer a tremendous selection of grain patterns, color variations and textures. Choices range from the bold statements of authentic American red oak, hickory and character maple to the more subdued personalities of cherry and maple. These variations define and enhance wood’s natural beauty. Because no two trees are exactly alike, the cabinets made for your kitchen or bath will have subtle variations from the showroom displays or samples on which you base your selection. The quality solid hardwoods used in Wellborn cabinetry are some of the most beautiful and enduring natural materials available. All hardwoods, being a product of nature, vary from one piece to the next, even from the same tree, each having its own characteristics. Therefore, each piece of wood, each cabinet and each kitchen is unique. Cabinetry that emphasizes the rich grain pattern and unique texture of solid hardwood has a greater perceived value. No human being was ever intended to control the natural development of hardwoods. This is the unique beauty of natural hardwood, and this is the distinct beauty of solid wood cabinets. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. believes there is nothing more beautiful than solid wood. That is why Wellborn is one of the few remaining manufacturers who continues to use solid wood in our Estate and Premier Series raised panel doors and drawer fronts.

Door Materials


Cherry is synonymous with luxurious cabinets. The rich red highlights give the wood a distinctive appearance. Cherry will occasionally have tiny pin knots, pitch pockets and very small, dark streaks of gum. These features have fascinated woodworkers for centuries.

Character Cherry

Character cherry’s unique characteristics are emphasized by the random occurring of various sized knots, pin knots, pitch pockets and small streaks of gum. Cluster knots and open knots could also be a feature. The amount of character will vary from each door making each kitchen unique.


Maple is widely used in the cabinetry industry. This wood species features a straight grain with several distinctive characteristics which include unique figures such as bird’s-eye, fiddle back, mineral streaks and curly grain patterns. Finely textured with a natural luster, this creamy-white to light reddish-brown wood is often used for cabinets and floors. 

Character Maple

Character maple’s unique characteristics are brought out by randomly occurring, variously sized knots, pin holes, worm holes and tracks, gum and bark pockets, sugar tracks, heartwood and mineral streaks. Cluster knots and open knots could also be a feature. The amount of character marks will vary from each piece of wood making each kitchen unique.


Authentic American red oaks are open-pored and have grain patterns. Wellborn’s manufacturing technology presents “Prestige Oak” with straighter grains than most cabinet lines, and our process minimizes the wide grains and reduces the widths of cathedrals in oak.   


Hickory has distinctive contrasting colors from light to dark and strong grain characteristics. The texture of hickory is open grained. Hickories by nature are heavy, hard, strong and stiff - producing durable cabinetry. Hickory is for homeowners desiring dramatic wood characteristics.

Medium Density

Using high pressure and temperatures, MDF is formed by combining wood fibers with a wax resin binder to form panels. It is made of wood veneer and is much denser than normal particle board. This is a durable and tough wood product commonly used in the construction industry.  


Laminate is a decorative panel with resin-saturated printed paper thermally fused to a particleboard or MDF core. The thermally fused melamine process bonds the paper and board using heat and pressure. The paper gives the appearance of wood grain or painted finishes.


Thermofoil doors and drawer fronts are covered in a strong, scratch-resistant thermofoil that is thermally glued and vacuum-sealed. To create the popular raised panel appearance we use precision, diamond-head routers to carve the double-step perimeter edge and center panel detailing from a solid slab of medium density fiberboard.  

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