Wellborn Cabinet brings joy into a home with your creative cove. Many options appeal to both men and women with several organizations features tool trays and workspace to a sewing machine rollout table, making this room a pastime paradise. Create a dedicated craft space with craft room cabinets, with the ability to customize the actual look but customize one's organization strategy that makes sense to your preference based on crafting projects and needs.

Customize this space for creativity and provide a place to have plenty of room and work comfortably with easy access to crafting tools and supplies. Mix and Match this space for both you and your significant other. An area for crafting, sewing, or painting to a space for all your family tools. Browse Wellborns craft room cabinets inspiration gallery for your family's crafting needs. Request a catalog or find your local Wellborn dealer for more information.

Craft Room Storage Cabinet Ideas

Creating the craft room that is desired, all depends on your preference to either keep it simple, having plenty of cabinets for storage, and more granular organization. Are you turning a space in your home into a crafting area or adding more detail and storage to the already existing craft room. Wellborn has many options for your needs, including drawer storage solutions to racks, hooks, miscellaneous holders, and many more. Browse Wellborn’s craft room accessories for more ideas.

Utilizing Wall Space For Craft Storage Cabinets

Contemplating what is the best storage cabinet to use in a limited space? Wellborn Cabinet offers wall cabinetry for additional storage. Using a wall cabinet is a great way to make the room feel more spacious and keep crafting supplies and tools safe and out of reach from little ones in the home. Wall cabinets give more opportunities for storage and to still feel comfortable.

What Are The Different Types of Craft Rooms?

When deciding on the right craft room cabinet depends on the area you are working in and the desired craft you choose. It is crucial to have a work surface, such as a desk or crafting table. When working in a small space, it is imperative to create design ideas to make small spaces feel roomy. Browse Wellborn's many door styles and finishes for design ideas.

Kid’s/Classroom Craft Design

Do you homeschool your children or send them to school? Have a craft area for completing homework and classwork in a quiet, comfortable space helps your children. Organize your home with all the kids crafting and school supplies in your crafting area.

Sophisticated Crafting Area

Create a craft and sewing room that is bright and colorful to bring out the creativeness yet sophisticated feel. A craft room can be a place where you retreat from the world and enjoy a little peace. Craft carts are great for easy access to pull wherever you need the supplies the most.

Farmhouse Style Craft Room

Discover inspiration for your farmhouse craft room design with ideas for organization, storage, and furniture. Browse Wellborn Cabinet's door styles and finishes to create your farmhouse design. Open storage shelves and adjustable cabinet shelving give it that farmhouse feel.


For a contemporary/modern craft area for sewing-ready design to add plenty of shelving for any accessories. Create a space for your sewing machine and give yourself plenty of room and space to work comfortably.

Start Building Your Dream Crafting Room Today

Multiple design styles pair well with a craft room. Some great ones are contemporary, casual, traditional, and transitional. These styles are perfect for capturing the modern and sophisticated feel of a home while maintaining functionality. For more traditional craft room design inspiration, check out our craft room gallery for more inspiration!


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