Cabinets by Material

If you've been dreaming of a kitchen, bath or other remodel, new cabinets can make a major difference. Wellborn Cabinet has the kitchen cabinet materials you want to make that dream a reality. We manufacture heirloom-quality cabinets for every style, from time-tested wood kitchen cabinet types to today's easy-care laminate in custom colors.

Character Cherry

Character cherry creates a unique door with random knots that vary in size. Streaks of gum and pitch pockets contribute to making each door its own example of Mother Nature's handiwork. Choose character cherry cut directly from the heartwood for durability and versatile finishing options.

Character Maple

Wellborn Cabinet handpicks character maple pieces to showcase the variations in this closely grained wood. With the difference between the color and grain variations in each piece, every door is a unique work of art. Finish character maple cabinets with stains or paints for a custom look.


Cherry is a material long-prized for kitchen cabinets, thanks to the warmth of its red highlights. With a smooth finish and primarily consistent texture, cherry wood cabinets readily accept darker stains and other finishes for a striking appearance against lighter backgrounds. Enjoy a natural aging process that makes these cabinets grow more beautiful with time.


Hickory's hardness, density and heaviness make it a top choice among wood cabinet kitchen ideas. It's resistant to moisture and less likely to scratch, providing lasting durability. As far as natural beauty, hickory wood cabinets contain significant contrasts in color and streaks that can vary widely from black to white within an individual door. Occasional wormholes and knots offer even more visual interest.


Laminate cabinets are an affordable and easy-to-maintain solution for kitchens and baths. Wellborn Cabinet crafts these with a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core and a durable melamine or laminate finish.


Maple is a popular choice for high-traffic cabinets thanks to its durability — it's an ideal solution that can handle the heat in the kitchen. By nature, the hardwood is close-grained and may include distinctive features like bird's-eye markings or curly grains that contribute to its appeal. Choose maple kitchen cabinets for a primarily light and contemporary look many enjoy.


MDF provides a smooth finish that stands up to kitchen and bath humidity levels without cracking or warping. It's a wallet-friendly choice that's versatile and sustainable. You can go green with MDF cabinets in any color of the rainbow thanks to multiple finishing options.


Oak's hardness and strength make it resistant to warping and humidity. Wellborn Cabinet harvests wood from American Red Oaks for consistent grain patterns and natural knots that take beautifully to rich stain finishes. Durable and beautiful oak cabinets are sure to make a statement.

Bring Your Visions to Life With Wellborn Cabinet

Wellborn Cabinet has been a respected manufacturer of all types of wood cabinets and other cabinet solutions since 1961. Get cabinetry you know you can trust — our family-owned business boasts quality and sustainability certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. Request a catalog for inspiration, find a Wellborn Cabinet dealer near you, or reach out to a design specialist to get started today.

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