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written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: November 24, 2020
Timeless kitchen cabinet design

The heart of the home is the kitchen. It is the place where family and friends gather to talk, eat, live, and love.  Choosing colors and design styles for your kitchen can prove difficult. Who says you only need one color? Having more than one hue in your modern kitchen allows for a focal point or a dramatic eye-catching contrast. Two tone kitchen cabinets are an increasing trend in kitchen designs. They provide color options that were not in the realm of our imaginations before. 

Are Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets in Style? 

Two tone kitchens are gaining in popularity. While the fresh “all-white” look has been trending for a while, pairing it with a blue or black is becoming fashionable. Whether you opt to create a black and white kitchen or you opt to create a focal point by finishing your kitchen island or hood in a darker hue, a contrasting set of colors help draw you into the room. 

What Two Tone Color Cabinets Are In Style? 

For years, stained wood cabinets have dominated; now painted cabinets are trending. Wellborn Cabinet offers a wide selection of modern and traditional paint colors to help create a trending design. Glacier White, Bleu, Onyx, and Gray are very popular right now and are used to create a two tone kitchen design. Our natural stained cabinets are beautiful paired with a painted finish. For more ideas visit our blog post 2020 Color Trends.  

Inspire Your Next Redesign with Two Color Kitchen Cabinets

White or lighter colored upper cabinets help to brighten and elongate the height of the kitchen space.  When paired with a bold blue like our Bleu or green-gray Willow, it merges classic to modern instantly. Many homeowners choose to use a darker color to accentuate the island or base cabinets while using white uppers for balance. Either way, as long as your kitchen feels like home, you can’t go wrong. 

Two tone buffet

Bold Blue

Blue is our rising star color right now.  Our deep Bleu acts as an anchor for islands or base cabinets. Coordinate Bleu with white to balance the room. If you want a cooler look, Aqua helps create a fresh, crisp look when paired with a Divinity finish. Blues are becoming increasingly desirable and can be used for the entire kitchen or as an accent color to bring life to your space. 

Black & White

Wellborn Cabinet’s Onyx pairs nicely with the clean lines of our Prairie door style in Glacier. The stark contrast in the two colors provides a focal point for the island. This kitchen also features a marble slab counter top on the island that provides a clean finish to the room. 

The Onyx paint color also perfectly showcases the Hazelnut finish on our Vienna door style in Maple. The stark contrast in a mid-century chic kitchen shows the lines of each set of cabinetry and gives a focal point opposite the island. 

two tone kitchen cabinets black and white

Mixed Wood Tones

Mixed wood tones are becoming more fashionable in both remodels and new construction. This kitchen features a Maple island in a Coffee Stain finish with a banking L-shaped series of cabinets in our ColorInspire Pediment.  The two finishes definitely compliment each other and provide balance and light in the smaller kitchen area. 

Thinking About Trying Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets? 

If you’re considering a remodel or building your dream home, there are a few things to consider when selecting paint or stain finishes. The first, will the color last the lifetime of the home or will it be a trendy color that will need to be changed in a few years? Neutral colors work well for decorating as you can add and take away color schemes more easily than if you were to refinish your cabinets. 

You also want to consider balance and lighting in your kitchen area.  If your kitchen has minimal light, choosing a dark color for your cabinetry may not be the best option. Having minimal light with darker finishes makes the room seem smaller. To open up the space without adding lighting, a brighter color would be best. 

Contact one of our local Wellborn Cabinet dealers to help you design and craft your ideal kitchen. 

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