Power of Color: How to Choose the Right Palette for Your Home Design

written by Kasey White
last updated: October 31, 2023

Color can positively or negatively impact your mood. Some colors brighten a space, while others work to craft an air of mystery, lengthening or shortening a room. Choosing a color palette for your home design can be a challenge. Not only are you looking to choose a color scheme for potentially your entire house, but it’s also a commitment to stick to just a few colors in interior design. 

Thankfully, we have plenty of tips and tricks to help you choose the right color palette for your tastes. From following the 60-30-10 method of interior color schemes to replacing old furniture to match your new aesthetic better, here are some tips and tricks to make picking a color palette smooth sailing.

a dark green kitchen with white countertops

Picking a Starting Color Palette

Before diving into paints and stains, choose a starting palette. Thankfully, many inspiration options exist, from our helpful inspiration gallery to custom-made art palettes online. However, a few things to consider when choosing a palette, like the space you're working with. 

If you’re looking to set a theme for your entire home, try and mix things up with different accent colors. Consider a color scheme that works well in multiple rooms. To design a single room, look at the room you’re working with and consider colors that won’t overwhelm the space. Picking a color collection made to work together, like ColorInspire, can inspire you to try new combinations and guarantee you're working with colors that harmonize well. ColorInspire offers a broad palette to anyone looking to update their space with unique cabinets and storage solutions. 

Where to Start

Remember, a good rule of thumb is to keep your color ratios at 60-30-10. 60% of your color scheme is your primary color, 30% is an accent, and 10% is a color that pops. Choosing a starting palette is more straightforward with expert advice. Before starting a home project, talk to an interior decoration expert or a color-mixing savant like us here at Wellborn. We can offer helpful tips and tricks about pairing colors, sticking with a color palette, and picking a paint finish that meets your space needs. 

While expert advice can be beneficial, feel free to go bold in your home decor. You may be tempted to stick to neutral tones, and that is one décor strategy, but consider the mood-boosting properties of a room that stands out from the rest. 

A bold, eye-catching room can transform your home, crafting a space full of personality and class. Your home is unique to you, so decorate it in a way that brings joy and sparks your creativity.

light blue color kitchen and larder cabinet with wood countertops

Customizing Furniture

Another way to choose a color palette is to look at furniture that inspires you. Furniture can be a great source of inspiration. Large pieces of furniture, like a sectional sofa, can dictate color options for the space. While it’s possible to update old furniture with stains and some clever upholstery tricks, if you have a favorite sectional or comfortable chair, use that as a starting inspiration for your home décor. 

If you are inspired to switch out that old cabinet, Wellborn Cabinet offers semi-custom cabinets to brighten a room. Whether you're looking to use a darker color or want to experiment with brighter color options, Wellborn’s cabinetry is made to update and transform a space. Working with experts can revolutionize your next décor update with guidance on colors, furniture, cabinetry and more.

light pink color double bath vanities with pink and black tile and funky wallpaper

Experiment with Paint Finishes

Another way to liven up a space is to experiment with your choice of paint finishes. You can customize many paint bases to different color palettes, there's something about using the right paint in a space. Things like eggshell, glossy, and matte all impact your overall result more than you'd think. Thankfully, an expert can guide you through your next home project, making picking out paints easier. With that in mind, here are some valuable tips on paint finishes to help inspire your next project. 

Eggshell Paint Color

Eggshell paint has a similar finish to an eggshell, making it a combination of glossy and matte. That's one of the reasons its perfect for the main walls of a space. This texture reflects some light without the high streak issues of glossy paint. Eggshell is a great texture choice for hallways, large rooms, and any space where a little reflectiveness could brighten the space without overwhelming things. Ask your contractor about eggshell paint in areas that need extra lighting.

Glossy Paint

Glossy paint, while gorgeous and reflective, comes with some struggles such as easily seen fingerprints and wall imperfections if not painted on properly. However, glossy paint is especially striking in darker tones, like deep purple, which shines like a fresh wine grape with the right lustrous sheen. It’s recommended that glossy paint applications be handled by a skilled contractor to achieve the perfect look.

Matte Paint Colors

Finally, matte is a solid color choice for surfaces like cabinets and other high-impact areas of your home. This paint texture resembles paper or other low-gloss surfaces and covers a world of faults upon application. 

Factors like latex paint for cabinets and high-impact surfaces can extend the life of your furniture, so be sure to discuss options with an expert. Of course, picking the right paint is almost as important as color. Thankfully, ColorInspire provides a wide selection of perfect paint types for your home. Whether you want matte or glossy, the darkest blacks or most crisp whites, or even lovely purples and gorgeous greens, ColorInspire has you covered.

The Bottom Line

Check out Wellborn's incredible cabinets to start your home renovation project. Our line of fantastic color choices and custom stains work together to craft iconic spaces worthy of a magazine spot, all in your own home. Our cabinets and storage solutions are perfect for any room in your home, so check out a Wellborn Dealer near you when starting your next home project.

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