Organize Your Kids' Room with These Smart Design Solutions

written by Kasey White
last updated: July 22, 2022

Dealing with your kids’ stuff – the bane of parenthood. No matter how tiny your tiny humans are, their stuff sure takes up a lot of space. If you aren’t badgering your children to clean up after themselves, then you’re down on all fours in the playroom at 11:00 p.m. hunting for every last piece of plastic, thinking: “there simply must be a better way.” And you’re right – there is! One of the easiest ways to organize your kids’ room is to come up with an organization system that works – and Wellborn Cabinet, Inc has a few ideas!

1. Use Under-the-Bed Storage

Ask any feng shui expert about the under-the-bed area, and they’ll tell you the exact opposite. But as a parent, you are well aware of how precious storage is – and the one under children’s beds is prime real estate. And let’s not kid ourselves: even if you did leave it empty, you’d probably find it stuffed full of things anyway. So why not beat them to the punch instead?

Box beds are perfect for better kids’ room organization. You can store bulky toys, shoes, out-of-season clothing, extra bed sheets, quilts, and whatever else you aren’t using daily. If it’s a bed without storage, then simply find drawers that fit or slide some baskets under it.

2. Pegboards are Your New Best Friend

Once hidden in kitchen pantries and garages, these handy dandy organizational tools are finally having their moment in the sun. Pegboards are budget-friendly and easily customizable while still adding both organization and a decorative element to your little one’s room. What more could we ask for?

3. Create a Happy Storage Headquarters

When little kids see that every item has its own dedicated spot, organizing their knick-knacks and playthings becomes an exciting game. Creating a colorful and fun storage center is a brilliant motivational tactic. Consider installing some shelves or drawer storage, and then add some festive décor, cheery wall art, and an accent paint. You can also throw in a few baskets - whatever you like. But, if there’s one thing for certain, it is that it will make the organization and clean-up time a bit more interesting for little ones.

If you really want to motivate them to put things where they belong in the future, let them help you organize and assign spots to items. If you’ve just moved into a new place, this is a great way of helping kids adapt to a new home. They’ll have a higher sense of control, feel less “out of place,” and accept the change easier.

Organize your kids room with this storage nook

4. Throw in a Chest to Organize Your Kids’ Room

Stepping on Legos, turning on toys by accident while your kid’s asleep- we’ve all been there. That’s how we realized the importance of a good toy storage solution. If you want to organize your kids’ room, find (or build) a multi-purpose toy chest that blends right in. It helps clear away toys while also doubling as a cozy reading spot. Plus, it looks lovely.

5. Built-Ins Help With a Lot of Storage

However, your kids probably have so many toys that it’s impossible to fit them all in one toy chest. In fact, did you know that a typical household owns more than 70 toys and one in ten households over 200? So, where are you going to keep all of these toys?

Here’s an idea: consider organizing them in clear containers, then storing those in the cabinets for a clean, coordinated look. Having custom cabinetry  can streamline the whole organization process. You can also add shelves for games and puzzles, hooks for kids’ hats and jackets, and even a bulletin board for a lovely picture display.

Childs closet with white cabinetry

6. DIY Shelving System

You don’t need a big budget or ample space to organize your kids’ room successfully. Installing a shelving system is an affordable yet efficient way to store all of your tot’s books and toys. With just a little bit of imagination and a few simple tricks and tweaks, you can bring color, style, and uniqueness to your little ones’ bedroom. You can use virtually anything, from old crates to popsicles, to create a set of innovative shelves that your kids will adore in their space. Finally, tapping into all that wall space is always a good idea. It will help you free up some much-needed square footage and give the area a more spacious visual appeal.

7. Shop Smart for a Play Table

If you’re in the market for new furniture, consider purchasing a multi-purpose play table. These are a great way to organize a children’s room. For one thing, they can use the surface area for board games, art, and homework, and the lower part of the table can serve as storage, helping you cut down on visible clutter.

8. Get Creative with the Odd Nooks and Crannies

Awkward bits of a room and quirky corners can be tricky to decorate. Once you find a way to use them wisely, they are a real treasure trove of storage space. They can add so much charm to your room while serving functional purposes. It’s best to find furniture pieces that can fit in tight and more angular areas of the space, and you’re ready to go. One custom piece or two, and you’ll have a brand-new play area, homework corner, a tiny library, etc. What’s more, it can help you maximize storage and floor space, giving your kiddos more room to play.

9. Consider Storage Benches

Storage benches are the ultimate space-savers. For one thing, they’re brilliant for keeping kids’ clutter out of the way. They’re a versatile storage option since most come large and high enough to fit most items. So, you can store anything from books to toys to linens, and since they’re easily accessible, your kiddo won’t need your help getting toys or putting them back. Second, they make a convenient spot where the kids can sit and play, which comes particularly handy when their friends drop by for a playdate.

10. One Huge Floor-Standing Shelf

If you’re looking for an ideal solution to organize your kids’ room, especially if they have a lot of stuff and surplus toys, that would be a floor-standing shelf unit. Since they have numerous cabinets, cubbies, and drawers, you can easily store anything from their school material and games to shoes and clothing. What’s more, the pull-out drawers and closed compartments are ideal for hiding away any visual clutter, whereas open shelves are great for displaying their favorite books and toys.

Article written by Beatrice White of Moving Offices San Diego.

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