Made In America 2019: Recap

written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: October 11, 2019

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. was honored to be a featured sponsor at the first-ever Made In America trade show located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This revolutionary event gathers American-made manufacturers together to learn, collaborate, and help Americans recommit to buying America-made products. After 58 years of innovation one thing has remained steadfast for Wellborn Cabinet, the family-owned company’s commitment to keeping its products made in America. This is one of the reasons why Wellborn Cabinet was proud to come together with like-minded manufacturers at Made In America 2019.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. decided to participate in this trade show because a growing U.S. economy depends on a strong and flexible manufacturing community.

Our goal in participating is to raise awareness for the economic, environmental, and community impact of American-made products and manufacturing.

“The first-ever Made In America trade show is passionate about the same thing we are – celebrating US-based companies and the families that rely on them. To make it as America, we have to make it in America.”

Paul Wellborn, Owner and CEO of Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Manufacturing Awards Ceremony

During the American Made dinner, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. received the 2019 American Manufacturer of the Year Award, which celebrates the unwavering commitment to American products and their manufacturers. The Manufacturing Awards ceremony was nothing shy of amazing.

Paul Wellborn receiving the 2019 American Manufacturer of the Year Award

One of our Partner’s In Design, Emily Morrow Home, also left the award ceremony as a winner. The Emily Morrow Home Hardwood Company was named the “Made In America Manufacturing Community Award” winner. The Made In America Manufacturing Community Award was a nod to the ‘community’ aspect of the prison industries enterprise which is at the heart of the Emily Morrow Home design aesthetic, artisanal visuals for hardwood flooring.

Wellborn featured on National Media for Made in America cause

Interviewed by several media groups about our story and how our products are made. Groups include:  

Speakers - Made in America

The Inaugural Made In America show featured over 800 companies and educational sessions, keynote addresses, and panel discussions featuring manufacturing specialists and professionals from key segments of the manufacturing community.

Jeremiah Pauley

A highlight of the night was when retired Army Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Pauley, a
Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) spokesperson, spoke about his journey as a wounded veteran, and the impact that WWP has had on his life.

Jeremiah Pauley WWP Spokesperson

Dean Wegner

Dean Wegner began his speech by saying, “America once produced 75% of its apparel as recently as 30 years ago. Today, the Made In the USA tag is found on less than 3% of clothing.” Dean Wegner, the former CEO of Omega Apparel, launched Authentically American, a veteran-owned and staunchly American-made partner for businesses, schools, fundraisers, politicians, musicians, and more who want to fly the flag on their apparel. Wegner attracted the attention of investors, such as the NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip.

Dean Wegner Founder of Authentically American

Darrell Waltrip

Another highlighted speaker at the 2019 Made In America show was Darrell Waltrip, three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion. Waltrip spoke about how to be a winner through tough circumstances.

Darrell Waltrip NASCAR hall of famer
Darrell Waltrip visiting the Wellborn Cabinet exhibit
Darrell Waltrip visiting the Wellborn Cabinet exhibit

This show brought together a great body of manufacturers large and small who all believe that together, we can do anything. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. plans to return to the 2020 Made In America trade show and to continue to build a community of American-made manufacturers. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. would like to thank everyone who made this monumental show possible.

Thank you to Don Buckner for unifying this movement, to the exhibitors and manufacturers who have believed in American manufacturing, and the consumers who fuel this movement. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to help rebuild the American dream!

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