Green Kitchen Cabinets

written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: February 8, 2021

Green cabinets in kitchens are the next big thing and, we have to admit, we love it. Sage green cabinets can be simple and elegant, or big and bold. Whether you’re looking for farmhouse style green kitchen cabinets or something more modern, Wellborn Cabinet has all the inspiration you need and some helpful information to guide you to the right place. 

Trends We Love: Sage Green kitchen Cabinets

Sage green kitchen cabinets bring out the bold side of people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic white, however, sage green is the next big thing. Sage green is calm and soothing to the eye. It is also a great conversation starter. This appealing color has just the right amount of spunk that would elevate your kitchen. Pairing it with gold hardware and white upper cabinetry is a great way to update your kitchen and make it an amazing conversation piece.

Are Green Kitchen Cabinets in Style?

Green painted cabinets are definitely a big up and coming trend right now. They have been spotted as the new trend, ranging from olive green to hunter green. Wellborn Cabinet has hundreds of finish options available, including our own Olive Green paint. If you are looking for more green kitchen cabinet finishes, check out our ColorInspire program. We have a particular color in mind that we feel will be the ultimate trend setter in 2021: sage.

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

sage green kitchen cabinets

There are several ways to incorporate sage green cabinets in your kitchen design. Maybe you are not ready to fully commit to the entire kitchen: if so, adding a pop of color might be more your style. There are various kitchen ideas you can pull from, like having a green island as your focal point or having green lowers and a different color, like white, on your uppers. These types of additions can elevate your home décor entirely.

Farmhouse Sage Kitchen Cabinets

This charming look was created to emulate a farmhouse design. The green itself is a bold statement. It showcases style and personality. The sage green cabinets tie the other kitchen elements together perfectly, like the Divinity Java finish used in this Character Maple kitchen.

green cabinets in kitchen

Modern Green Cabinets

modern cabinets

This kitchen look takes sage green into the modern era. This stunning design showcases the beautiful color in a unique way, by incorporating Sherwin-Williams Surf Green finish using Wellborn Cabinet's ColorInspire Program. It showcases a sleek and sophisticated style, all while making the green cabinets the focal point. 

Traditional Green Cabinets

This Elegant Bath Collection is highlighting our sage green cabinet style. It definitely shows how alluring this green can be. It takes shaker cabinets to another degree of sophistication and flair.

shaker style green cabinets

Sage Green Cabinet FAQs

What Wall Color Goes With Sage Green Cabinets?

green bathroom vanity

It is a good idea to keep your walls neutral when transforming to green colored cabinets. Any light or neutral paint colors on your walls are a great way to tie in any shade of green. You could also use a simple subway tile as a backsplash in order to keep the cabinets the focal point of the kitchen. 

What Color Countertops Go Well With Green Cabinets?

The countertops will depend on the shade of green cabinets you choose.  A few great combinations that might work well with light green cabinets is black marble countertops. This balances the room while keeping it light. Although, if you decide that is too dark for your taste, then white countertops or butcher block countertops are sure to look good with almost any green shade. 

ColorInspire offers an array of colors and options that can fill anyone's color desires. The green colors are endless and can be chosen in the ColorInspire program. Each ColorInspire finish is oven-cured which creates a baked-on long lasting finish. This is not only beautiful, but durable.

If you are ready to start planning your Sage Green design, find a local Wellborn Cabinet dealer to start your journey! 
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