Lazy Susan Cabinets

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last updated: February 11, 2022

What Are Lazy Susan Cabinets?

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, a lazy Susan cabinet is a terrific addition to your kitchen cabinets. Lazy Susan cabinets are well-known for their durability, accessibility, and ability to maximize storage space. It’s a spinning mechanism that makes it easy to retrieve everything kept deep inside your cabinet for a kitchen or pantry storage solution that saves space. When determining what sort of cabinet to utilize, picking the correct lazy Susan cabinet is crucial. It is composed of plastic or wood and is available in designs that slide along a side pole. 

A lazy Susan-equipped corner cabinet provides convenient access to storage in a difficult-to-reach location. Although they can be installed in a wall cabinet, they are mostly found in lower base cabinets. They rotate 360° full circle for easy access to corners and more storage capacity. It lets you arrange and declutter your space without having to scrounge for those hard-to-reach objects in the cabinet. A lazy Susan is utilized in a variety of ways around the house. The kitchen seems to be the most usual location. To take the lazy Susan a step further you can get a center pullout rack. This is a great tool because you can pull the center rack out to you while giving you the lazy Susan 360° turn.

lazy susan inside mudroom cabinet
Diagonal Corner Wall with Funtional Shelves

The Benefits

Improving Blind Corner Access

Due to the position of the cabinet, a blind corner in your cabinet is the most difficult area to store any objects. A blind cabinet is one that is located in the corner between two rows of cabinets and has a portion that is difficult to access. We all know that storing objects in a blind corner cabinet is perhaps the most inconvenient because the items are hidden and difficult to reach. Because of the challenges that this space causes, the majority of us will not use it, resulting in unused storage space. Installing a lazy Susan in your corner cabinet enables you to reclaim that wasted space by rotating shelving around you, making organizing and living easier. Lazy Susan kits from Wellborn come with hardware to make installation a breeze.

Easy Access

When looking for a certain item in a standard corner cabinet with no organizing, many homeowners become frustrated. It's difficult to get inside the cabinet's hard-to-reach sections with most blind corner cabinet openings. The spinning mechanism in a lazy Susan cabinet makes life easier by allowing you to have a front and center position for any items you have. Add Wellborn's wood Lazy Susan Kit to your cabinet if you want to rebuild your cabinet space and the irritation of not being able to access goods quickly in your cabinet space is getting the best of you. A lazy Susan cabinet from Wellborn comes in a variety of styles.

Space Maximizing

Consider lazy Susans if you want to maximize the space and convenience of your storage rooms. Your fittings will be efficient, well-organized rooms that you enjoy with Lazy Susan cabinets.

Different Types

There are several different types of lazy Susans available to homeowners. Lazy Susans come in a variety of shelving shapes that are installed into your cabinet to meet your specific need. Kidney shape, half-round shape, D shape, and full round shape lazy Susans are the most popular shapes. For additional information about lazy Susans, request a catalog.

Kidney Shaped

You may take advantage of otherwise wasted space in the corners of your cabinets with kidney-shaped lazy Susans. Its cut-out end is triangular. Kidney-shaped shelving is used in corner cabinets that have a double folding door attached to the cabinet rather than the lazy Susan. L-shaped corner cabinets are ideal for this style of lazy susan. Canned foods, spices, and boxed meals are wonderful additions to a kidney-shaped lazy Susan.

kidney shaped lazy susan
Kidney Shaped Base Blind Corner with Functional Shelves

D Shaped

When it comes to the D-shaped lazy susan, it's ideal to put it in the pantry for easier access to your food and kitchen essentials. Because of its likeness to the letter D, it is given the term D shape. One side is rounded, while the other is straight, allowing the cabinet to close. More storage is possible thanks to the spherical shelves. Use spherical containers to store your boxed goods to gain the most storage.

D shaped lazy susan
D Shaped Base Blind Corner with Functional Shelves

Full Round Shaped

The complete circular shape is the most common style of lazy Susan. The shelf is a whole circle that revolves 360 degrees to give additional storage. Many objects in your kitchen can be stored on the entire circle lazy Susan, including pots and pans, or round containers can be used to store flour, sugar, oats, and other products. When it comes to storage, this style of lazy susan is the most useful.

lazy susan in white kitchen cabinet

How to Utilize

Are you still undecided about whether or not a lazy Susan cabinet would be a good addition to your kitchen or any other area in your house? Do you have space in your cabinets for a lazy Susan? Most homeowners do not regret having a lazy Susan in their home. The easiest way to make the most of your lazy Susan is to keep it well-organized. Getting round containers to hold your boxed goods such as flour, sugar, rice, and other items is the best advice for organizing your lazy Susan. Make sure the containers have labels on them so you know what's inside. Because of the round-shaped shelves, the round containers are the best option that provides you with more storage and allows you to organize your shelves better.

Want to know where to start on adding a lazy susan cabinet in your existing home or your home that is in the progress of being built? Please contact your local Wellborn Dealer for further information.


What size do they come in?

From a 33" to a 36" base cabinet, Wellborn Cabinet provides a variety of sizes for Lazy Susan cabinets. You can also purchase the kits from your local Wellborn dealer if you only need them to install in your existing cabinets.

Can I add them in existing cabinets?

Yes, speak with your local Wellborn dealer to learn about the alternatives for your cabinet size. Lazy Susan kits come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

How do you use a blind corner cabinet?

Installing a lazy Susan in your corner cabinet enables you to reclaim that wasted space by rotating shelving around you, making organizing and living easier. Lazy Susan kits from Wellborn come with hardware to make installation a breeze.

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