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written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: July 1, 2019

Wellborn Cabinet is committed to supporting communities and families in the USA by building our American cabinets in Ashland, AL. Bring home our tradition of American-made kitchen and bath cabinets.

Wellborn Cabinet is committed to being the most valued provider of kitchen, bath, and whole home cabinetry. Founded in 1961, Wellborn Cabinet, Inc has a long-standing history of manufacturing craftsmanship and delivering excellent, domestic customer service. Our choice to use domestic forests and manufacture cabinetry in the United States shows our commitment to sustainability and country, building a future for generations of employees, customers, and consumers. Since Paul Wellborn first opened the doors 58 years ago, Wellborn Cabinet remains true to the meaning of Made in America; each box of cabinetry proudly showcases the “Made In The USA” stamp.  All of our kitchen and bath cabinets, including doors, drawers, and face frames are hand-crafted right here in Alabama by our dedicated employees.

Investing in America

Like your family, the Wellborn Cabinet family has values and traditions that endure. We’re American-owned and operated, providing hundreds of jobs here in America. Keeping our whole production process here in the US also means we invest in not just the national economy, but local economies. We create jobs and work to support all our employees.

Wellborn Cabinet is proud to endorse and join as a member in the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance’s (AKCA) trade case against China. Wellborn Cabinet is devoted to protecting the jobs of its 1,300+ employees. This endorsement of the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance’s trade case is to protect our family of hardworking employees and to ensure the growth of our company.

Read more about our endorsement of the AKCA below.

Cabinet Manufacturer Craftsmanship

Wellborn Cabinet builds products that last, reducing the need for replacement. Our cabinets are built with enduring, natural materials that stand the test of time. Our commitment to craftsmanship begins with product designers who create better solutions for the ever-changing American home and continues with our craftsmen and women who bring innovations to life. The fact that all Wellborn’s cabinets are built here in the USA by caring hands with wood materials from America can be crucial when deciding on cabinetry. 

made in the usa white shaker kitchen cabinets blue island
Wellborn Cabinet's Premier Series

Heirloom Quality Cabinets

Consumers love the beauty and durability of wood. Nothing could be more natural. Compare Wellborn’s solid wood doors to some other manufacturers’ and you will see that many make doors of only thin veneers that look like solid wood. On the surface, however, you can quickly tell the difference, and if you take a close look, you will agree that the beauty of solid wood is vastly different. That is why Wellborn uses solid wood from the USA.

made in the usa quality solid wood drawer with dividers

“At Wellborn Cabinet, heirloom quality is not just an expression; it’s a way of life. The time-tested craftsmanship that has made our cabinetry’s quality second to none has been passed down from generation to generation of loyal Wellborn employees. Wellborn combines proven construction methods with today’s technology to provide a quality product for your family.”

Paul Wellborn

Quality begins with the tree

Wellborn Cabinet seeks out the highest quality wood products for cabinetry and know that the best timber is found in carefully managed, flourishing forests here in the United States. Wellborn quality permeates every step of the cabinet process, beginning with the logs that are hand-picked for our vertically integrated sawmill.

made in the usa quality tree

WellGuard Finish System

The WellGuard Finishing System is a 24-step finishing process which all of our stained finishes receive. Starting with the 20-person manual sanding line which provides a consistent finish, then all cabinet components are individually inspected, then stains are applied with hand-held spray equipment, and hand sanded after each coat of sealer.

Quality Face Frame

Our face frames are 1 ¾ “ wide, 17% more than many in the industry which are 1 ½ “. Wider face frames keep the joints from separating, help ensure cabinet squareness, and add strength. Wellborn’s face frames are hand sanded on the inside edges and fronts to provide a smooth, all-around surface and to protect your hands and arms from scratches when taking items in and out of your cabinetry.

Commitment to the Environment

environment friendly green choice program made in the usa

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc is a leader is protecting our environment for the next generation and bringing the beauty of America’s natural treasures to your home. We believe in selecting and constructing cabinets and accessories with the right materials and producing products in facilities that are designed to generate as little waste as possible.

Here are just a few ways Wellborn Cabinet’s Green Choice program serves you.

  • Natural gas savings
  • Reduced boiler emissions
  • Lowering VOC emissions

Wellborn Cabinet’s Green Choice program ensures that you are purchasing a brand of cabinets from a company that takes conscious steps to protect and minimize the overall impact on our environment.

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