Hollywood Glam Design – Everything You Need to Know

written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: April 6, 2020

A fresh color palette, mirrored surfaces, and crystal accents – all hallmarks of 1930's Hollywood Glam Design style – added sparkle. Most of their styles and designs consist of Victorian inspirations with antique furnishings, plush and velvety elements, and magnificent decorative accents. The color palettes used here are usually very bold with beautiful blends of turquoise, reds and purples.

What Is a Hollywood Glam Design Style?  

With roots in the golden age of film-making and its over-the-top set designs, Hollywood Glam, also known as Hollywood Regency, is all about the drama and glitz. It unabashedly samples from other styles, including art deco, modern design and chinoiserie, stealing anything that feels luxurious.

Born of larger-than-life movie set design during the golden age of filmmaking, the Hollywood Glam design style brings the glamour and glitz in a big way. It was intended to create a dramatic backdrop for the real drama taking place in its midst. 

How to Create a Hollywood Regency Design

Hollywood Regency design is characterized by elegance and personality, and it encourages extended socialization. Rooms frequently have a foundation of black and white, and a careful selection of strong layered colors. Bold, geometric patterns often make an appearance, but intricate designs and Asian-inspired styles also have their place.

Sampling from other styles, Hollywood Regency exudes sophistication and confidence, with an undertone of swagger. The freedom for a color palette, the usage of contrasting surfaces, and detailed architectural elements add an exceptional flair to any space.  

  • It’s one design style that has freedom of expression. Consider starting with white walls and blending in metallic tones or go bold, and dramatic with deep jewel tones. 
  • Adding layers of lighting is the flawless approach to glamorize a space. 
  • Luxurious fabrics, statement surfaces, and spacious storage designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Keep spaces uncluttered with modern, sleek storage solutions. 
  • Add some faux-fur or velvet, clear glass pieces, and dramatic layers of repeating patterns. Or by adding matte or high-gloss elements, mirrored décor, and dramatic lighting. Wellborn Cabinets frameless cabinetry has a minimalist, understated look that defines any space with flexibility on finish options.

Fanciful Details 

Undoubtedly, the Hollywood Glam interiors designers are by far the most modern and stylish of all. Their key characteristic is that they are super luxurious and over-the-top in their interior designs. They love to create big and bold statements with the help of dramatic and opulent design styles. The neutral and mint mosaic tiling is artistic and has a hint of disco style. 

It’s all in the details when it comes to glamorous design. Patterns, textures, finishes and well-curated baubles all play a part. Don't keep your jewelry tangled in some box; lay it out in drawer storage solutions. Open spaces that reveal special treatments such as lighting, bathroom linens, and accessory placement give this master bath the glamorous seal of approval.  


This space has all the glitz and glamour of a jewelry store, with its crystal-accents and faceted mirrors. Any surface that reflects the light can gleam like a gem. The glass pieces are chic and an unexpected way to bring glimmer to this luxurious space. Today many designers add faux architectural elements; the mouldings, here, are a chic design element which balances the Hollywood Glam and traditional styles.  

Defining Element of Hollywood Glam: Mirrors 

The question of mirrors in their style is not whether, it’s how many. In this Hollywood Glam master suite there is a mix of mirrored cabinetry, high-tech vanity mirrors, and the makeup vanity mirror creates sparkle and cast light. You should always pay attention to what a mirror will reflect, but it's especially important with Hollywood Glam’s emphasis on showcasing people at their best. 


Evocative Lighting

Mood is everything in Hollywood Regency style, and layered lighting is crucial to creating the right atmosphere. Sconces, bright makeup bulbs, and interior cabinet lighting cast a flattering glow. The bathroom is framed with crystal sconces to cast a candle like glow, but also adding shine without taking up much visual space. 


The glam design style can be incorporated into your space and blended with other styles to capture the sparkle. For more kitchen and home remodeling ideas, visit wellborn.com to see everything we have to offer. 

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