Black Kitchen Cabinets For New Homes or Kitchen Remodels

written by Ashleigh Garris
last updated: November 24, 2021

If you’re thinking about making your kitchen one of the top focal points in the house, then black kitchen cabinets are a good start to build on. Black cabinets match perfectly with virtually any color.  Learn how to pull off this bold look from Wellborn Cabinet.

Are Black Kitchen Cabinets in Style?

Homeowners are beginning to get a little bolder when it comes to color in the kitchen. Black kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility and striking appearance.  

Do Black Kitchen Cabinets Mesh Well With A Modern Style Home?

Black painted or dark cabinets transition easily between a modern kitchen or a more traditional style home.  Wellborn Cabinet’s Aspire Cabinets have several options that provide sleek lines and seamless transitions in your space for a more modern look. Often anchored by a lighter living room, the kitchen becomes the focal point of the home with black kitchen cabinets. While white kitchens are still popular, adding in black kitchen cabinets creates a different level of intrigue.

black kitchen cabinets from wellborn cabinet inc
Wellborn Cabinet's Sonoma Door Style in our Onyx Finish
Wellborn Cabinet's Alto Door Style in Onyx Finish

There Is No Color A Black Kitchen Cabinet Can’t Pair With

Nearly every cabinet finish, color, or stain pairs well with black. Since it is so universal, many homeowners opt to make black cabinets either as the anchor color on the wall cabinetry or use it on the kitchen island for a two-tone kitchen cabinet look.

Wellborn Cabinet's Midtown Door Style in Matte Ebony

What Are The Best Colors To Pair Black Cabinets With? 

Natural wood tones, crisp, bright colors like whites and greens, and even a warmer creamy white are natural combinations for black cabinetry. These work well together because of the sharp contrast and bring out the intricacy of each cabinet and drawer. They also set a base pallet for accessories like bar stools at the island, tile, and flooring, as well as the backsplash.  All of these colors go well with various types of hardware and lighting fixtures, so you are not limited there either.

Wellborn Cabinet's Vienna Door Style in Onyx

Black Cabinets and White Countertops

Perhaps, the best way to show off your black kitchen cabinets is to top them with a beautiful white countertop. This is especially beautiful with a marble, granite, or quartz countertop when coordinated with white perimeters cabinets.

Black Cabinets and Natural Flooring

When you have two contrasting colors, it’s important to have balance.  The best way to achieve that is by using a natural wood-tone floor.  It does not necessarily mean using actual wood, there are plenty of tile options available that resemble wood if that is the material you prefer.

Wellborn Cabinet's Hartford Door Style in Onyx Finish

Are Black Kitchen Cabinets A Good Idea?

If your goal is to create an intimate and refined environment, black kitchen cabinets are key. Add to that, upkeep is far less strenuous than having an all-white or lighter-colored kitchen. Darker cabinets show scratches and food spills far less. Your hardware options are virtually limitless.  Everything from pewter, silver, wrought iron, brass, or gold all work extremely well with black kitchen cabinets. 

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