Bathroom Cabinets for Sinks

written by Kasey White
last updated: April 8, 2022

Beautiful bathroom vanities are a workspace for preparing for your day. This makes bathroom cabinets incredibly important. Many of our vanities come in one piece for ease of construction and installation. These one-piece wonders are ideal for a small space. Styles of vanities range in varying price points and will allow the homeowner to customize their guest bathroom, master bathroom, or powder room in however they choose. Several different cabinet options are also available to make larger double sink vanities. Colors and finishes vary based on preference, but the result is always a beautiful and functional space.

Unique Vanities for Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets and vanities come in various forms. Many have taken the shape of pieces of furniture, complete with beautiful legs and clean finishes.  Hardware is also important in adding the final touches to the space. Depending on the finish color or stain that you choose, gold, pewter, or silver may be great options. Powder rooms are trending and those require a smaller – typically – a one-piece vanity that often resembles a piece of furniture. Wellborn Cabinet’s diverse selection of organization accessories lend themselves not only to kitchens but also to bathroom vanities. Spice racks can be used for makeup storage and pull-out shelves make life easier when trying to find beauty or cleaning supplies.

Bathroom Cabinets: Traditional Vanities

This vanity can be appreciated by all generations. It is low enough for children to reach the sink, yet it also has a classic, old home look.  Vanities that provide storage space and still maintain time-honored beauty are wonderfully versatile for any age. They are also excellent examples of bathroom cabinets.

Wall Mount Vanities

Wellborn Cabinet’s wall mount vanities or floating vanities are wonderful if you want a small space to look larger. Wall mount vanities typically lend themselves to a more modern look for your bathroom. Alternately, wall mount vanities can be repurposed into a coffee or bar area in another room. Pictured here is a double sink vanity but the styles and options Wellborn Cabinet has can easily be modified to accommodate a single sink vanity as seen below.

Corner Vanities

A Corner Vanity can be a great choice for a renovation.  It helps to bridge the gap between having a smaller space and still provides the functionality and storage needed in the bathroom. Many homeowners find themselves in need of an additional bathroom and using a corner vanity will open up the room to make way for the shower or tub and the toilet.

Classic Vanities

Classic vanities remain, true to their name, classic. The ability to have a vanity top and drawers for storage space are paramount. Ideally, homeowners would choose this type of vanity to their benefit. Quality materials and craftmanship give this vanity a timeless look in your bathroom.

Modern Vanities

Adding or replacing a bathroom vanity using slab fronts, sleek MDF, and laminate finishes in a deep rich color are just a few of the ways to modernize your bathroom. Contrasting hardware on cabinet doors and drawers provides that extra pizzazz to complete the modern look. Many homeowners are looking to modernize their space using  these methods in new construction or remodels.

Purchasing Bathroom Cabinets

It is always important to plan and measure correctly before you commit to purchasing a new vanity for your bathroom. Some key items that you should consider are the finish of the faucets, matching hardware, and the flooring.  Many homeowners don’t want to change their flooring so they opt to coordinate the new bathroom vanity with their existing floor. These considerations are equally important in creating a new bathroom for your home. Purchasing Wellborn cabinet is very simple as you would have to go through one of our approve dealers.  These dealers are vetted thoroughly and can guide you through the entire process. 

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