Quality Control & Testing

Wellborn Cabinet meets the quality and strength requirements of the KCMA, Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association in ANSI/KCMA A161.1-2017, Performance and Construction Standards for Kitchen and Vanity Cabinets. Wellborn Cabinet has an in-house laboratory that performs the same testing to ensure our quality daily. Wellborn exceeds all specified requirements of the KCMA. Look for the seal of approval on your cabinetry.
Cabinetry glue joints are examined to verify that maximum bonding was achieved during the manufacturing process. This ensures our customers receive a quality product.
Wellborn regularly tests our cabinetry finishes against common household chemicals and food products to determine finish durability according to KCMA standards. Our WellGuard Finishing System maintains a superb finish.
We regularly perform KCMA standard level static loading tests for wall cabinets to ensure the cabinets will stay on your walls thereby meeting KCMA standard requirements.
We test the ability of our doors and hinges to operate properly during normal usage. KCMA requires 25,000 cycles. Our doors regularly exceed this requirement without failure.
We also test the ability of our drawers and drawer slide mechanisms to operate properly during normal usage. KCMA requires 25,000 cycles. Our drawers regularly exceed this requirement without failure.
Our environmental test chamber emulates various environmental factors such as humidity and temperature variances to verify the strength of our wood and wood joints to meet KCMA requirements.
Cabinetry shelves are tested to determine their ability to withstand loading without incurring any structural damage or excessive deflection. Wellborn cabinetry meets standard KCMA tolerances.

Quality Packaging

Wellborn cabinetry is protected during shipping for quality delivery. A ¾” thick shipping brace adds extra security to the end panels. Eight corner protectors cushion our products and are the strongest in the industry.

Approved Suppliers

The WellCheck Vendor Program is a tool used to measure vendor and supplier performance through documentation of delivery, pricing, service, quality and quantity of incoming materials, thereby helping us to provide better service to our valued customers.
Wellborn’s inventory control system uses bar code labeling for customized order information and up-to-the-minute counts.
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