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A Kitchen Range Hood From Wellborn Cabinet Can Transform A Need Into A Beautiful Focal Point In Your Kitchen

With the aid of our products, you can transform an eyesore into either a stylish addition to your kitchen cabinet design or a central feature of the same room. Each wood hood that Wellborn Cabinet offers has been expertly crafted and is stylish. Find a dealer close to you by looking through the inspiration gallery for our framed cabinetry below.

Types of Kitchen Range Hood Cabinets

Mantle Hoods

These beautiful pieces can be as simple or as intricate as you like. You can design a custom wood hood that blends in with the surrounding cabinets and is embellished with intricate Fluted Wall Pullouts for spices and a valance. You can also add onlays, plinths, or rosettes for a more dramatic showpiece that completely conceals that plain stainless steel exhaust fan. With the addition of a lovely backsplash and a pot faucet, you have created a one-of-a-kind custom wood mantle hood. The choice is yours with these wood hoods, which open up a world of possibilities. Mantle Hoods are installed above a range to conceal the stove vent and exhaust fan. Mantle Hoods are installed to hide the stove vent and exhaust fan above a range.

Mantle ledge is 3-inches deep and the cabinet does not have a top as it usually goes to the ceiling, Onlays and appliques can be added for a more formal look. Choose from three panel styles: beaded, raised, and flat. Available with your choice of Crown moulding, Small Cove Crown Moulding, or Shaker Crown Moulding. Available with a Narrow Arch Valance or a Narrow Straight Valance. A removable front option is available.
mantle range hood
mantle wood hood

Chimney Wood Hoods

Regardless of size, these hoods make a statement. They come in plain, beaded, and designer styles. Wellborn Designer Chimney Hoods allow for paint application in the field. Tiles or other decorative materials can be used. Chimney wood hoods are made up of a chimney that is attached to a cabinet above a range. Behind these beautiful wooden range hood cabinets, the stainless steel fan units, ductless conversion kits, and wood hood liners are completely hidden. They are available in plain, beaded, or designer hoods and chimneys.
chimney hoods
chimney wood hoods

Island Hoods

Island hoods are perfect for Islands or peninsulas. These hoods are placed directly over the kitchen range and can vary in length depending on the height of the ceiling. Since these hoods are in the center of the room all four sides are finished alike. Island wood hoods come in 3 styles: plain smooth finished hoods, beaded hoods, and designer style hoods. Designer peninsula hoods allow the designer to apply a field-installed custom painted finish, tiled finish, or application of some other decorative material.
island wood hoods
island range hoods

Integral Hoods

An Integral Hood is designed to be integrated and installed between standard depth wall cabinets directly above the range. They are available in two styles one looks like a chimney wood hood is attached to the front of a cabinet and the other is a Mantel style Integral Wood Hood. We offer the Removable Front option so installers and inspectors can access the vent and ductwork easily.

Available in 3 styles standard, plain or beaded each designed for installation between standard depth wall cabinets. Onlays and appliques can be added for a more custom look. Standard integral wood hoods feature what is almost a door look. Removable front hoods are 12 3/4-inches deep.
integral hoods
integral wood hoods

Island Chimney Wood Hoods

These Hoods are available in 3 styles Plain, Beaded, and Designer. The Designer version allows for field application of paints, tile, or other decorative material. This product will not be covered under warranty once alterations of any kind have been made. Onlays and appliques can be added if desired.
peninsula chimney
peninsula chimney wood hood

Chimney Wood Hoods with Narrow Arch Valance

These are available Plain or Beaded. Plywood construction is standard. Crown Moulding is applied to the hood for a clean “finished” look. A 3-inch space is recommended on each side of the hood unit. Onlays and appliques can be added if desired. The beautiful Narrow Arch Valances add a furniture feel to these hoods.
chimney wood hoods
island chimney wood hoods

Angled Contemporary Wood Hoods

These clean contemporary Hoods are available in Cherry, Maple & Oak. For MDF door styles wood hoods are painted hardwood.
angled wood hoods
kitchen cabinet hoods

Metal Range Hoods

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc, and Vent-A-Hood have partnered to bring you a stylish and contemporary selection of both hoods and accessories to choose from. Our partnership allows us to provide you with a larger selection ensuring that you will find the perfect hood for your perfect kitchen. Speak with your local Wellborn Cabinet dealer about the selection of Vent-a-hood products Wellborn Cabinet offers.

Wellborn offers a broad selection of wood hoods to enhance your kitchen design. The Photo Gallery below shows a few of the design ideas available to you featuring Wellborn Cabinet in your design.
metal range hoods
metal kitchen hoods
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