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Beauty & Functionality of Kitchen Islands - One of the most requested items in kitchen design today!
Why is an kitchen island so popular? In today's busy lifestyle, multitasking has become the norm for most of us and a well-planned kitchen island can help make it easier to do just that. Below are just a few ways kitchen island cabinets can help you to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. Browse our inspiration gallery for kitchen island ideas.

Types of Kitchen Islands

For every lifestyle, Wellborn Cabinets offers a range of kitchen island cabinet options. Stainless steel and wood islands are two excellent choices for islands. Each has their own values and would be a wonderful addition to any house.

Kitchen Island Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen island cabinets can be designed in a variety of styles. You can have a flat island or one with multiple levels. Multiple level islands have an elevated counter space where bar stools can be easily placed to provide additional seating and eating space. This is also a great place for parents to help their children with their homework while also preparing for their family meal.

Islands are a great way for homeowners who enjoy entertaining to socialize and cook at the same time. Kitchen Islands can also be used to create a stunning beverage and appetizer bar for your guests. Using an island in this manner allows you to easily refill or replace trays of appetizers as needed while also participating in the conversation going on around you. No cook should be left out of the fun, right?

Making your kitchen island a cooking zone with countertop space on both sides of the stove allows you to slice and dice ingredients within inches of your stove top. To make it even more efficient, add a wastebasket cabinet and a dishwasher to your kitchen island. 

Does anyone in the family enjoy assisting with dinner preparation? Islands can be a great way to divide work triangles in the kitchen, allowing a second person to assist without getting in the way. A sink is a great way to add character to your island. This eliminates the possibility of getting burned by a hot stove while washing dishes or cleaning your hands.

Accessories for Kitchen Island Base Cabinets

An island is a great way to add storage to your kitchen. Spice racks, tray dividers, sliding shelves, dishwasher base cabinets, and a variety of other kitchen cabinet island accessories can be planned into your design based on your space and needs. Adding some light fixtures, such as pendant lights above your island, to add eye-catching design elements and increase kitchen lighting.

So, how can an island help you and your family? Make a list of what you would do with an island in your kitchen. After you've made your list, contact your local Wellborn dealer to have an interior designer assist you in planning an island to enhance your lifestyle.

Kitchen Island Cabinets FAQ

Kitchen island cabinets can be matched to your kitchen, creating symmetry and looking stunning. Having your island contrast your kitchen, on the other hand, can make a bold statement and add a focal point to your kitchen. A colored island in a white kitchen can make it stand out and be eye-catching. It can also add some character to the space. Use a contrasting marble countertop on your island for an extra bold look!

How far should a kitchen island be from the cabinets? 

The needed walkway space between a kitchen island and wall cabinets is 42". It is also critical to be aware of and consider anything else that may be occupying the space.

Can I use base cabinets for a kitchen island?

You can absolutely use base cabinets for a kitchen island! You can also add a butcher block or ston on top to complet the look. Made sure to hire a professional cabinet contractor to help with installation. 

How much are kitchen island cabinets?

The price of cabinetry varies based upon the door style, material, and finish chosen in addition to the size of the island. Contact a Wellborn Cabinet dealer to find the cabinetry that best fits your needs and budget. 
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