Cabinet Door Construction

Look no further to learn more about the various types of cabinet door constructions. Wellborn Cabinet explains the steps involved in the construction of cabinet doors.

Quality Begins With The Tree

Wellborn Cabinet's quality permeates every step of the cabinet process, beginning with the logs. Solid hardwoods hand selected from our own lumber yard and timber processing mill. The inspectors on the chop saws trim stacks of kiln-dried lumber daily, selecting only the top quality parts to create Wellborn's solid wood doors and drawer fronts. Each door's parts are hand-picked and strategically positioned for grain and color consistency. People love the beauty and durability of wood. That is why Wellborn Cabinet uses solid wood from the USA.

Making a Solid Wood Door

Solid wood stiles, rails, and center panels are all inspected for color variation and part defects to ensure Wellborn's standard of superior quality.
Door Styles and Rails
Center Panel
Notch and Peg System
Foam Inserts

A notch and peg system was designed into the top and bottom of the center panel in order to position the center panel securely within the door's stiles and rails.

Foam inserts are placed within the door frames before the center panel is installed to stabilize the panel and allow for the expansion that may occur due to changes in humidity.

  1. Door Styles and Rails
  2. Center Panel
  3. Notch and Peg System
  4. Foam Inserts

Making A Wellcore MDF Cabinet Door

What is WellCore MDF?

Wellborn Cabinet makes all WellCore door styles from Super-Refined MDF2 to provide better quality from the start for your beautiful painted cabinetry. Premium Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) material is sourced from trusted vendor partners.

Pros for using MDF cabinet doors or MDF center panels

  • Solid 1 piece routed fiberboard doors are excellent for painted finishes
    • It has a high quality option for painted cabinetry, providing a beautiful smooth finish, without wood grain showing through
    • Has strong dimensional stability which makes it less susceptible to climate, coastal, or other atmospheric changes.
  • Has strong dimensional stability which makes it less susceptible to climate, coastal, or other atmospheric changes.
    • Since MDF does not carry the natural characteristics found in the other door materials, paint lays evenly and creates a great bond to the surface without the worry of bleed-through effects.

Making Embossed, Heavy Textured, or Designer Laminate Aspire Cabinet Doors

For Embossed or Heavy Textured Laminates, a curated pairing of realistic wood patterns and texture-matched grains, merging renewable, sustainable materials to yield beautiful, resilient environmentally friendly yet durable panels.

For Designer Laminates, panels consist of a premium quality MDF substrate with a co-extruded polymer acrylic or high-gloss acrylic top layer over a core panel material that has been carefully selected to have low surface variance yielding a surface that is not flawed by substrate imperfections.

Cabinet Doors, drawer fronts, and other parts created from these panels are precisely edge banded using the same methods and materials as our vendors.

Aspire Melamine Slab Door Construction

Aspire slab doors feature 1mm ABS edge band applied using Zero Edge Technology. Zero Edge Technology allows both straight and curved edges to adhere without visible joints, unmatched edges or unsightly glue lines.
Edge Banding Options
Matching Edge
Aluminum Finish Edge

Aspire Melamine 5-Piece Door Construction

Aspires 5-piece doors have a 1mm ABS edge band applied using Zero Edge Technology. Zero Edge Technology allows both straight and curved edges to adhere without visible joints, unmatched edges, or unsightly glue lines.
Edge Bonding
Matching Edge

Sanding and Finishing

The 20-person orbital sanding line and hand sanding processes provide a consistent finish. Wood Doors, drawer fronts, and face frames are hand sanded, front and back, to eliminate cross grain scratches and burley marks. The face frames are hand sanded on the front and edges. The inside is hand sanded and hand rubbed to create a smooth protective surface. Doors, drawer fronts, and face frames are individually inspected for a smooth flawless surface that is properly prepared for the WellGuard Finishing System.


Stains are applied using hand-held spray equipment. After the color stain is high pressure sprayed, the surfaces are hand rubbed to enhance the wood grain characteristics. To build a base for the topcoat, surfaces are hand sanded after each coat of sealer guaranteeing a smooth even finish.

Hinge Options

Wellborn Cabinet offers Barrel Hinges & Concealed Hinges for all types of cabinet doors. Our Concealed Hinges provide a soft to close function and are available on all overlay door designs. The Barrel Hinges are available in 3 different color Burnished Brass, Satin Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze and available on inset door styles.

Barrel Hinges

For Inset Door Styles
cabinet door hinge
Burnished Brass
cabinet door hinge
Satin Nickel
cabinet door hinge
Oil Rubbed Bronze

Concealed Hinges

For Inset, Traditional, and Full Overlay Door Styles
concealed cabinet hinge
Concealed Hinges

Decorative Wood, Wire and Glass Cabinet Doors

Wellborn Cabinet Mullion Doors, Decorative Glass Doors, and Decorative Wood Doors are all crafted with the same attention to detail as our standard cabinet doors. However, these beauties allow you to showcase your prized possessions in an eye-catching display sure to garner the attention of friends and family. The photos below are only a few of the options you have when it comes to Decorative Doors. Start exploring Decorative Door options now!

Decorative Metal Cabinet Doors

Aluminum is characteristically lightweight and has high reflectivity, enhancing the illumination in your home. View additional information on the Element Designs Metal Door Program.
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