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The use of these “floating vanities” can open up the look of a small bathroom while still providing the storage you need. Wall Mount Vanities is a clean and modern feature in Residential Design that makes a room more functional and spacious. These modern bathroom vanity options offer space-saving solutions and help the space appear larger. Seemingly floating in the air, wall mount vanities can lend themselves to any design style aesthetic. The wall mount/floating vanities are seen in Powder Rooms, master bathrooms, and even dining rooms.

While floating vanities are most commonly used to produce more contemporary looks, with our wide range of door styles and multiple finishes, these vanities are sure to enhance any of the design styles. The Aspire Luxe Series is a popular choice for wall-mount vanities because of the clean lines and frameless construction. Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. offers many standard size Wall Mount Vanities, but vanities can also be customized in our You Draw It program giving homeowners the ability to create their own design. Create your own style by having the option for a single sink or a double sink floating vanity. Shop now to find the design and style you are looking for to create the elegant, sleek look that is desired.

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Floating Vanity FAQS

What Are Floating Vanities?

Floating vanities are one of the top bath vanity design trends. Floating vanities mount directly to the wall and are anchored by the vanity’s base, providing more floor space and creating a streamlined look. Floating vanities are also referred to as wall-mount vanities. Floating vanities are cabinets without legs and traditionally have slab-style cabinet doors. The floating vanity does not extend all the way to the floor, which gives it the floating look and feel of these freestanding vanities.

How Do You Install a Floating Bathroom Vanity?

When installing a floating vanity, it is important to attach the vanity directly to the structure studs. Standard height vanities are available in standard height options, floating vanities can be installed at any height. Additionally, mounting the vanity to the wall allows the homeowner to customize the space in terms of countertop height and comfortability. Installing a wall-mounted vanity can be a DIY project but Wellborn recommends contacting your local Wellborn Cabinet dealer or an Authorized Contractor for installing the freestanding cabinetry.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Wall Mount Vanity?

The price of installing wall mount vanities vary based on the contractor and the size of the vanity that is being installed. Wall-mounted bathroom vanities can be difficult to install, which is why it is important to choose a professional contractor to properly install the floating vanity.

Are Floating Vanities A Trend?

The floating vanities have lots of advantages. From the many design styles that pair well with floating vanities. Some great design styles are contemporary, casual, and transitional. These styles are perfect for capturing the modern and sophisticated feel of a home while maintaining functionality. Incorporating the soft-close door and draws to the floating vanity set is another elegant and sophisticated look and feel for your floating bathroom. Floating vanities can easily accommodate any height and provide easy access for cleaning. Think about sweeping and mopping, you are able to reach what were hard-to-reach places with no problem at all.

What Are The Best Color Options For a Floating Bathroom Vanity?

Wellborn Cabinet offers many different color shades available from light to dark. One may choose a specific color of their floating bathroom vanity based on preference. Others may choose by pairing with current color schemes and materials. When trying to choose a color for your floating vanity, take into consideration the vanity top you are using in the bathroom area. A white vanity top with Wellborn’s Aspire Luxe Series - Dusk finish gives that transitional feel. Want to go in a different direction and use our Bel-Air door style with a Regal Door Collection - Cotton Pine finish that is offered in our Aspire Luxe Series to give that clean, elegant look you desire. Browse our finishes to choose the right look for you.

What Are The Top Selling Floating Vanities?

Wellborn Cabinet offers many different species and finishes for floating vanities. The top-selling item is our 30-inch high Medium Density Fiberboard with the top-selling Glacier finish.

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