Creating a space for the needs of both you and your pets

At Wellborn Cabinets, we offer many options for your family pets to have their own personal space. The pet suites that Wellborn Cabinets offer will help you when designing and planning for new cabinetry. Create a suite or area in your laundry room, mudroom, or their own area in the home using our You Draw It program. Explore these ideas for ways to create an area to meet your pet's needs. Find a Wellborn dealer near you with any pet cabinetry selections.

Pet Cabinets & Storage

How much space do I need for a pet center?

The amount of space needed for a pet center is entirely dependent on the homeowner. Our Pet Suite accessories give you access to create and design an area perfect for you and your pet. Mud rooms and Laundry Rooms are great areas to include special touches for your family pet. You can include a base cabinet to add a pet feeding center along with space to hide your trash can. Pet feeding centers will give you more space and plenty of storage to hide all of your everyday needs for your pets. You can use a toe space area under a cabinet for a pull out to be able to put your animals' food and water bowls. It gives you access to hide away when it is no longer needed for the day.

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