Kid's rooms can be a parent's worst nightmare without proper storage cabinets and accessories.

Without proper storage space toys are likely to be strewn around the room. On the floor, on the bed, under the bed...

Below is just a few types of accessories and cabinets that work wonderfully in kid's areas:

  • Bookcases and base cabinets are perfect for organizing books, toys, games, and art supplies.
  • Baskets are perfect for dolls, sports equipment and cars and trucks.
  • Create a desk area for your child and provide a study or homework area.
  • Add a counter top to base or desk cabinets and create a “creative space” in their playroom, somewhere they can paint, draw or create one of their masterpieces. This is a great idea as base drawer cabinets can house all of the supplies they need for their crafts.
  • Cubby Inserts are wonderful for cars and a variety of other toys.
  • Spice drawer base cabinets work wonderfully for small pieces. (examples: Matchbox cars, Barbie's shoes, etc.)
  • Wood drawer spice racks work well for finger paints and small containers of Play-Doh.
  • Cutlery trays work well for colored pencils, paint brushes, markers and crayons.

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