Smart Design is not just about filling a room with beautiful cabinetry. It is about maximizing your rooms’ storage space through organization, with a strong emphasis on ergonomics and the personal needs and taste of the family residing in the home.

Lets start at the very beginning, what are you hoping to achieve during this project?

Are you updating the house for immediate resale? Is this your starter home? Or perhaps this is where you plan to stay, with the end goal of aging in place? Identify this objective to the dealer/designer right away. It will help the designer to suggest ways to help you achieve your goals.

Lets talk storage!

Do a lot of entertaining or have a large extended family? Effective storage solutions can help you maximize your storage space. Full bottom shelves or sliding shelves can increase your storage space and allow you to organize things for easier access.

Lets talk Ergonomics!

Easy to Reach & Operate, Touch to Lift
  • Keep work in "neutral zone" & eliminate or reduce twisting and strains
  • Varying the heights and widths of counters to include surfaces for each user in the home
  • Add pull-out shelves coming out of the countertop to create easy accessible food prep space
  • Mount or lower wall cabinets closer to the countertop or increase the use of mechanical lift
  • Adjustable height countertops, cabinets, sinks and stoves
  • Appliance lifts
  • Storage lifts - The installation of hidden electric storage lifts can help you take full advantage of your wall space by lowering the shelves inside wall cabinets to counter level for ease of access
  • Adding sliding shelves to base and pantry cabinets will provide easier access to items in the back of your cabinets and will reduce bending and strains on legs and back
  • Full extension drawer slides provide easier access to the items in the back of the drawer

Touch to Open
  • Doors and drawers open automatically with just a light touch of the drawer front or a light pull of the handle. This amazing feature is based on an electrical drive that, when activated, opens the drawer for you.

Touch to Close
  • When you are done give the drawer a light push and the system guides the door through a soft, silent and effortless closing. No more slamming drawers

Touch to Light
  • Cabinet Interior lighting makes it easy to locate items inside a cabinet or drawer.

Lets talk Lighting!

Ambiance Lighting (general lighting)
  • Provides an overall comfortable level of brightness, allowing you to walk about a space safely.

Task Lighting
  • Task Lighting focuses on a specific area to make it easier to perform your work or task. By utilizing this type of lighting, you can reduce eyestrain and the physical discomforts that come with it.
  • It can be provided by recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting, portable floor and desk lamps and under cabinet lighting

Accent Lighting
  • This type of lighting is very effective in making an impression upon visiting family, friends or clients. It can be used to set the tone of a room, spotlight your crystal or china, collectables, credentials or awards

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