The entertainment center is often the most significant and most crucial piece of furniture. Entertainment center cabinets are the beauty of one’s home and can give additional storage for media storage such as DVDs, books, and games. The Living room and family room is the heart of the home, adding a built-in entertainment center gives the room an elegant feel. Request a catalog for more inspiration, Click Here.

Wellborn Offers A Variety of Build-In Entertainment Center Cabinets

Wellborn offers an endless array of designs for your entertainment center cabinet needs. Are you looking for a certain design style, Wellborn has many options to choose from anywhere from traditional, modern, and more. We offer a wide variety of door styles and finishes, whether you want a Maple finished look or a paint finish. Add a last final touch in your living room with floating shelves for additional decorative shelving space.

Things To Consider For An Entertainment Center With Storage Cabinets

Tv stands are usually the centerpiece of the living room. If all eyes are pointing in that direction, make it special. The entertainment center is where all the storage can be found. It is easier now more than ever to choose an attractive, functional piece that works for both display and storage of extra entertainment components such as karaoke machines, sound systems, speakers, gaming systems, laptops and many more. Custom entertainment centers are also a great place to create a cozy look by adding some open shelving for a partial bookshelf.

How To Choose The Right Entertainment Center Cabinets

Choosing the right entertainment center for your living room space all depends on space, storage needs, style, budget, and build-in vs stand alone. The first thing to do is decide what type of entertainment center will work best in your space. The placement of your television plays an important role in your enjoyment of watching it.

Initial Ideas & Inspiration

Decide on what type of entertainment center will work best in your space and decor. There are different types of entertainment centers such as built-ins, stand alone, and more.

Assessing Storage Needs

Thinking about what will be going in the entertainment center is a way to figure out your storage needs. Are you going to need shelves for the sound systems, speakers, gaming systems, and laptops? Once you decide on what items will be stored, then you can work on budget. Choosing the right entertainment space for your living room or family room has lots of variables to consider before you purchase.

Gathering Measurements & Determining Budget

Both height and width will need to be measured for the space it will be placed in. Be sure to measure the necessities that will be placed inside, such as the tv. Determining the budget you would like to spend on an entertainment center is the last key element to looking for the best entertainment center cabinet for you.

Where to Buy

Wellborn has planning resources available to help ensure the success of your project. The best way to find an estimate and quotes for your entertainment center cabinet is by contacting and speaking to a local Wellborn Dealer.

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