Since 1961, the Wellborn family has owned and operated Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., located in Ashland, Alabama. Our goal is to provide kitchen and bath cabinets crafted by dedicated Wellborn employees with the utmost quality and care.

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Kitchen scene featuring Aspire cabinets

Solid Wood Doors

People love the beauty and durability of wood. Nothing could be more natural. Compare Wellborn's solid wood doors to some other manufacturers' and you will see that many make doors of only thin veneers that look like solid wood. On the surface however, you can quickly tell the difference, and if you take a close look, you will agree that the beauty of solid wood is vastly different. That is why Wellborn uses solid wood from the USA. Enjoy the lasting beauty and strength of a solid wood product for a lifetime.

Log being inspected

Quality Begins With the Tree

Wellborn quality permeates every step of the cabinet process, beginning with the logs that are hand picked for our vertically integrated sawmill.

Photo Showing Door Parts 1 2 3 4
Photo of solid wood door stiles and rails 1

Solid Wood Door Stiles and Rails

Solid Wood Raised Center Panel 2

Solid Wood Raised Center Panel

Photo of Notch and Peg System 3

Notch and Peg System

Photo showing foam inserts 4

Foam Inserts

Door Front cutaway photo

Wellborn's solid wood doors and drawer fronts are 100% natural, solid hardwood, grown in the United States, and are hand selected from our own lumber yard and timber processing mill.

Photo showing miter frame construction

Wellborn has several doors that incorporate the strength and beauty of mitered construction. The stiles are cut at a 45° angle, then precisely aligned with a blind mortise and tenon joint and glued.

Crafted By People Who Care

The inspectors on the chop saws trim stacks of kiln-dried lumber daily, selecting only top quality parts. Each door panel's parts are hand selected and strategically positioned for matching wood grain and color consistency. Doors, drawer fronts and face frames are hand sanded, front and back, to eliminate cross grain scratches and burley marks. A notch and peg system designed into the top and bottom of the center panel positions it securely within the door's stiles and rails.

Employee installing foam inserts

Foam inserts are placed within the door frames before the center panel is installed to stabilize the panel and allow for expansion that may occur due to changes in humidity.

Employee performing quality inspection

Each door is inspected for color variation and part defects to ensure Wellborn's standard of superior quality.

Recessed Panel Doors

Hardwood veneers are thin slices of wood which are bonded to a reconstructed wood product. Wellborn offers economically priced recessed panel doors that have a 3⁄16” thick wood veneer center panel surrounded by solid wood stiles and rails. Drawer fronts and face frames are select quality solid hardwood.
Recessed Panel Cabinet Door Photo
Recessed door panel cutaway photo

Recessed Door Panels Provide

  • Consistent Grain Pattern
  • Consistent Finish
  • Less Affected by Humidity
  • Long Term Beauty
WellLine Hinges logo

Concealed Hinges

Most door hinges have 6-way adjustability — vertically, horizontally, and in and out — and feature a Lifetime Warranty with our WellLine Hinges. Some product lines are standard with soft close hinge feature.

Photo of cabinet door concealed hinge
Photo of cabinet door barrel hinge
Photo of Door Closing

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Cabinet Doors

What is MDF and how is it constructed?

Using high pressure and temperatures, MDF is formed by combining wood fibers with a wax resin binder to form panels. It is made of wood veneer. It is much more dense than normal particle board. This is a durable and tough wood product, commonly used in the construction industry.

Pros for using MDF cabinet doors or MDF center panels

  • Solid 1 piece routed fiberboard doors are excellent for painted finishes
    • It is a natural for painted finishes, providing a beautiful smooth finish, without wood grain showing through
    • Painted finishes on MDF will not crack in the joints
  • MDF does not expand or contract in humid/moist environments
    • Center panels made of MDF will not contract like wood. This is wonderful because when a wood center panel contracts the center panel pulls away slightly from the frame and can result in a slight area of unfinished wood showing
    • MDF is also a great choice for Inset frame cabinetry since expanding wood doors could cause doors to rub and become difficult to open
  • It is made 100% of recycled product
MDF cabinet door unfinished Sanding edges raw door entering machine for base coat Door being sprayed in machine Door after being sprayed in machine Finished cabinet doors Hand spraying final coats on doors Hand spraying final coats on doors Finished MDF kitchen

Aspire Melamine Slab Door Construction

Aspire slab doors feature 1mm ABS edgeband applied using Zero Edge Technology. Zero Edge Technology allows both straight and curved edges to adhere without visible joints, unmatched edges or unsightly glue lines.

Employee readying board for Edge banding
Roll of Edge Banding mounted on Edge banding machine
Employee readying Edge banding

Brilliant Door Collection

Edge Banding Options


Standard Edge Banding for Brilliant Door Collection—Matching Edge

Matching Edge


Option 1 - Aluminum Finish Edge
Aluminum Finish Edge
Option e - Accent Edge banding
Accent Edge

* Available on Gloss Blanco, Gloss Marine, Gloss Ink, Gloss Flint, Bronzed Leather and Dusk Laminate Colors

Brilliant Collection SFKs finished
Photo showing some of edge banding options applied to doors

Aspire Melamine 5-Piece Door Construction

Aspires 5-piece doors have 1mm ABS edgeband applied using Zero Edge Technology. Zero Edge Technology allows both straight and curved edges to adhere without visible joints, unmatched edges or unsightly glue lines.

Photo of female employee assembling 5 piece cabinet door
Photo showing 3 Melamine cabinet doors with 5-Piece construction. Also show 1 5-piece drawer head

Edge Banding


Standard Edge Banding example- Matching Edge

Matching Edge

Photo of heavy textured melamine 5-piece cabinet doors

Decorative Wood, Wire and Glass Cabinet Doors

Wellborn Mullion Doors, Decorative Glass Doors, Decorative Wood Doors are all crafted with the same attention to detail as our standard cabinet doors. However, these beauties allow you to showcase your prized possessions in a eye catching display sure to garner the attention of friends and family. The photos below are only a few of the options you have when it comes to Decorative Doors. Start exploring Decorative Door options now!

Arts and Crafts Glass Cabinet Door Decorative Glass Maple Cabinet Door Clear Water Decorative Cabinet Door Horizon Mullion Decorative Cabinet Door Decorative Glass Maple Cabinet Door Half Arch Mullion Glass Cabinet Door Classical Glass Cabinet Door Palladium Glass Cabinet Door Baroque Decorative Glass Cabinet Door Clear Baroque Glass and Wood Cabinet Door Clear Water Glass and Wood Cabinet Door Wire Mesh Baroque Glass and Wood Cabinet Door Colonial Glass and Wood Cabinet Door Clear Antique Glass and Wood Cabinet Door

Decorative Metal Cabinet Doors

Aluminum is characteristically lightwidth and has high reflectivity, enhancing the illumination in your home. View additional information on the Element Designs Metal Door Program.

Decorative Metal Cabinets Against Aqua Backsplash and Wall Brown Countertop Reeded Cabinet door with Metal Frame Eluma Backsplash and Shelves Element Glass and Metal Cabinets Blue Metal Cabinet Doors Automatic Glass and Metal Doors Aquatic Green Face and Aluminum Frame Cabinet doors Parapan Oxided Red Corner of Metal Cabinet Decorative Glass Face and Metal Framed Cabinet Door Various Square Decorative Metal Doors Pop Clear Face and Metal Framed Cabinet Door Bonded Leather Textured Face and Dark metal Framed Cabinet Door Beige Glossy Decorative Metal Cabinet Doors

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