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Metal Door Collection

These aluminum doors are of the highest quality in the industry. The doors arrive fully assembled with functional and decorative hardware borings. All Glass insert options are tempered for safety and durability.

These metal door frames can be combined with many of the insert options available, allowing you to create boundless cabinetry styles.

Serenity and Vista profiles are exclusively available with Mirror or tempered Backpainted Glass, creating stunning cabinetry that will intrigue everyone.

Aluminum doors fit well into Contemporary, eclectic, transitional, or traditional designs and can be used to created focal points in any room of your home. They can be used to showcase or accentuate collectables or they themselves can be the showpiece.

Frame 1 - Aurora aluminum cabinet doors

Aurora (AF009)

Frame 1 - Aurora Profile

Frame 2 - Fresno Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Fresno (AF004)

Frame 2 - Fresno Profile

Frame 3 - Lynton Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Lynton (AF011)

Frame 2 - Lynton Profile

Frame 4 - Marsala Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Marsala (AF002)

Marsala Profile

Frame 5 - Riviera Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Riviera (AF005)

Riviera Profile

Frame 6 - Serenity Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Serenity (AF006)

Serenity Profile

Frame 7 - Sterling Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Sterling (AF003)

Sterling Profile

Frame 8 - Vista Metal Cabinet Door Frame

Vista (AF010)

Vista Profile

*Not all inserts work with all frames.

Profile Finishes

Our metal doors in dazzling colors, such as Natural Aluminum, Brushed Stainless, Brushed Black, Chrome and Arctic Gold provide the perfect palette for creating a beautiful accent in any room.

Anodized Aluminum

Brushed Black Anodized Aluminum Sample Chip

Brushed Black

Brushed Stainless Anodized Aluminum Sample Chip

Brushed Stainless

Natural Aluminum Anodized Aluminum Sample Chip

Natural Aluminum

Specialty Anodized

Arctic Gold Specialty Anodized Sample Chip

Arctic Gold

Chrome Specialty Anodized Sample Chip


To explore all the metal door frames and insets available for each door click on the “Customize the frame of your choice button” below.

*Not all inserts work with all frames.

Website selection may not be exactly what is available. Wellborn reserves the right to make revisions without notice to product specifications. Please contact your Wellborn Dealer for Availability.